Who are
Digital Craftsmen?

We're the fast and friendly support team behind your IT infrastructure. Expert, qualified, no-nonsense advice and speedy incident resolution. That's us!

Are you planning
to migrate your
data or apps?

When IT gets complicated, it becomes unmanageable. That's where we come in. Whether a one-off or a long term partnership, we are ready to help your business.

Security, Cost
or Performance?

Why choose? We offer secure, highly-available infrastructure for public and private cloud solutions backed by an award-winning support team for less than you think. Not sure what you need? Let us help you discover the right solution and SLA for your requirements.

Learn how we
design, deploy and
manage servers.

Our method - assess, optimise, manage and improve - can really transform your IT. Choose from a range of supported operating models and vendors across public cloud, private cloud, colocation in our own data centres, or a mix!

Managed Services Packages

No instance too small, no cluster too big. View our hosting packages below.
  • vmware
  • CloudHealth by vmware
  • Veeam
  • UKCloud
  • TechUK
  • Opsview
  • Nominet
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • Juniper Networks
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Dell
  • Coreix
  • Cisco
  • Carrenza
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Insight
  • Stickyeyes
  • IT Glue
  • Qualys
  • John Davison First Central
    Digital Craftsmen is incredibly important to us. We’re an insurance company not a hosting company. We rely on them to deliver expertise.
    John Davison
    First Central
  • Steve Lee
    I like their service. I like their level of proactivity. They inform us as soon as they spot an issue, and 99 times out of a hundred it’s before we spot it. They’re friendly and regularly come to our offices.
    Steve Lee
  • Jules Brookes
    If you have anything that needs high-level monitoring skills then Digital Craftsmen are faultless. They’re cutting edge.
    Jules Brookes
    Point Blank Music
  • Stuart Sanders
    Digital Craftsmen has taken the pain from Amazon away from us. They’ve automated maintenance of the system, adding autoscaling to handle usage spikes, and automated down during downtime so the client is not hit with large costs.
    Stuart Sanders
    Elastic Path