February 20


Let’s be careful out there! Make protecting your business a priority

Stepping back into work after a restful weekend? You might be using the journey time to plan priorities for the week ahead. If it isn’t already, protecting your business from cyber and ransomware attacks should be high up on that list, because you really don’t want to be a business being held to ransom.

Gartner research reports ransomware attacks are on the rise, and the rate of increase is staggering.

“Ransomware families have grown by more than 700% since 2016”

Businesses, both big and small are waking up to the vulnerabilities they have on their internal IT systems and the level of exposure they have to them. It makes for uncomfortable times for CIO’s, security and risk management directors, as they push to keep ahead of the threats and their business safe.

“Threat analysis isn’t about the threats themselves. It’s about the organization’s specific vulnerabilities and the exposure of those vulnerabilities.”

This is where a company such as Digital Craftsmen can help with a range of services to secure the server side, for example:
1. Patch management and other maintenance support to ensure timely action to secure servers
2. Partners with Alienvault SIEM and can use this to help clients proactively secure their networks
3. Offer secure backup services to enable easy data restoration in the event of a ransomware attack
4. Configuration management to give confidence that all servers are patched & secured

Even if it’s to give yourself peace of mind on a Monday at the start of the week, speak to the Digital Craftsmen team on 020 3745 7706 and check your business is protected.
Read the Gartner article here, and to coin a Hill Street Blues phrase: ‘Let’s be careful out there’.


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