Three-Step Digital Reset 

Welcome to the new Digital World

Digital ways of working powered by technology, and with businesses moving to the cloud has driven huge growth during the lock-down. Every aspect of a person's professional and personal life has been influenced as we've all turned to digital ways of working, communicating, shopping, sharing content, being entertained the list is endless - and the trend is set to accelerate faster. 

Which offers businesses unprecedented opportunities to reinvent themselves - if they're ready.

Introducing the Digital Craftsmen Three-step Reset: 

Developed for SMEs as they evolve their business models through the testing and application of innovative technology to being truly digital, the Three-Step reset offers the expert knowledge and support for the dynamic strategies needed by business to drive innovation. 


Online operations assessment / audit

Step One is a 'Deep' dive review and assessment of your current business set-up and processes put in place for the lock downs.

Current situation: 

1 - Chaotic activity in initial lock-down, with internal teams overloaded adapting to new working practices

2 -Temporary fixes put in place to allow business to continue operational

3 - Immediate and urgent actions required to keep people and business operations safe

Review the:

- Business existing pandemic responses

- Business continuity plans 

- Remote working preparedness

- Crisis emergency governance

- Continuity of operations 

- Communications strategies 

- Employee and client safety

DCL services

Our award winning ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and ITIL certified team offer the following services: 

- Vulnerability audit

- Cloud sprawl audit 

- Security workshop

- Optimisation of VDI/ existing remote desktop services

- TCO Auditing

Reports provide roadmap of what requires immediate action and maps the activities for step two - Renew


Remote Enterprise

Second step is to secure, stabilise and fix any potential vulnerabilities, optimise systems, processes, people and reduce waste of time and resources.

Planning recovery:

- Test effectiveness of remote working and optimise

- Upgrade security with full DR and disaster recovery plans

- Redesign service delivery and security impacts

- Update employee guidance and support esp: around online     security


- Prepare plans and then prioritise projects

- Extending working remotely securely for longer term

- Preparing for further re-exit strategy if required

DCL services

Consultancy offered by Cyber security experts, IT architects or Cloud specialist teams to a) increase the layers of security and b) plan the roadmap for business Digital Transformation c) cloud migration - either full or part 

- ISO27001 & Cyber Essentials certified standard of cyber security protecting your business

- Cloud agnostic expert advice for full or part Cloud migration

- Three cloud specialised managed services offerings – Bronze, Silver, Gold - customised to your exact requirements and budget

Benefits: Business IT infrastructure secured to highest cyber security industry standards and operating seamlessly. Measurable cost savings on time and resources within the business. Business operations are optimised. 


Reinvent Business

Step three is when a company is ready and prepared for its Digital Transformation.

Reinvent (and innovate):

- Successful company leaders use data, learnings and insights to reinvent their business models and operations for future business opportunities. 

- Test and learn to do things in a new, repeatable, scalable way.

- Use savings and improved resource efficiency to redirect focus on growth and reinvention.

- Test new technologies to evolve business models, innovate new ideas and test in secure environment. 

DCL services

Cloud agnostic experts tailor cloud migration plans with specialist managed cloud hosting services tailored to suit different budgets

Full disaster recovery / cyber security framework certified by globally recognised cyber security industry standards

Consultancy / workshop with fully accredited senior solutions architect to optimise IT infrastructure upon which to reinvent business to generate new revenue streams

Benefits: Tailored support at every point, with expert advice and guidance from a team of craftsmen with a proven track record.

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