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Online operations assessment / audit

Current situation:

  • Short duration, frenzied and chaotic activity
  • Temporary fixes: put in place temporary fixes to allow business to continue. 
  • Immediate actions required to keep people safe and essential business functions operating.

Review the: 

  1. Business pandemic response
  2. Business continuity plans 
  3. Remote working preparedness
  • Crisis emergency governance
  • Continuity of operations 
  • Communications strategies 
  • Employee and client safety


  • Review cash available and look for ways to cut costs 
  • Security – any gaps or vulnerabilities exposed?

DCL services

  • Consultancy on VDI / existing remote desktop services 
  • Vulnerability audit
  • Cloud sprawl audit 
  • Security workshop


Remote Enterprise

Planning recovery:

  • Effective remote working 
  • Redesign service delivery and security impacts 
  • Employee guidance and support especially around online security
  • Projection prioritisation 
  • Extending working remotely securely for longer term
  • Preparing to leave again – re-exit strategy 


  • Changes in customer demand
  • Conserving cash overall 
  • Cost optimisation strategy
  • Review investment plans 
  • Design back to office environment / reinforce security around remote working 
  • Revised employee policies and procedures 
  • Culture change

DCL services

  • Consultancy – assessing vulnerability, security and cloud sprawl audits – preparing road map for implementing recommendations 
  • Consultancy for second exit strategy
  • Planning roadmap to enhance online security 
  • Planning part or full Cloud Migration 
  • Cost savings by optimising hosting environments 
  • Dedicated server offering 
  • Three cloud managed services offerings – bronze, silver, gold

Renew / Reinvent

Renew / Reinvent Business

Reset / renew / Reinvent the business:

  • Long term: Strategic and durable execution across the business. 
  • Rehabilitate fixes: learn to do things in a new, repeatable, scalable way. 
  • Use learnings and emergent patterns from prior phases as elements of a new foundation. 
  • Winning leaders will take the opportunity to ‘reset’ or rebuild their business models and operations for a new business reality.


  • ‘Reimagine the new normal’ – moving further towards the digital environment 
  • Redeploy capital and resources toward developing new opportunities 
  • Allowing space for teams internally to adapt and pivot business services or offerings through innovative thinking
  • Achieve adapt and pivot innovations through strategic and digital transformation i.e. moving operations to the cloud / optimising new hosting environment 
  • Evaluate impact on evolving business model
  • Value optimisation plans

DCL services

  • Cloud migration and specialised managed cloud hosting services 
  • Full disaster recovery / cyber security 
  • Consultancy / workshop with fully accredited senior solutions architect to optimise IT infrastructure upon which to adapt / pivot business

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