Episode 1: Why getting Security right from the start is vital

In the video the craftsmen share their insights about the concept of security and how the first concept of keeping business secure was first practiced, through to practical advice which you can implement straight away.

Episode 2: Understanding complexity & securing the IT supply chain

In this video they talk about Digital Identity i.e. can you prove who you say you are in the online world, Rights Management and Identity and Access management.

Episode 3: Security across the Enterprise - Security Talking Points

In this video the craftsmen explain the fundamentals of security from Perimeter Security, the importance for adopting a security mindset, advice and guidance for managing employees and keeping them secure as the IT world becomes increasingly complex.

Episode 4: System penetration - it's not if, but when

In episode 4, the craftsmen look at data, and question 'is all data of equal value?' During the discussion they ask the question how often do you review the security of data, and look at how to manage threats.

Episode 5: The strategy of security & what it means for business

In episode 5, the discussion takes in the role of MSPs (Managed Service Providers)for businesses, adopting a security mindset, how the services MSP's offer is more than just hosting, it's about being the 'Guardians of Governance and Custodians of Data'.

Episode 6: Trends in security and in the Cloud

This is a deep dive into the ever changing cloud industry and seeks to provide valuable information of the changes happening now and in the future, giving IT directors the intel and insight help them prepare and plan for the security and business operations of the future.

Episode 7: Deadly Sins of Cloud Sprawl and impact on Security

As Paul Orrock, our Technical Director says, "You can lock your doors but having open windows can lead to hackers getting in" and accessing systems, which not only compromises the company reputation, but can also lead to enormous fines from GDPR legislation.

What is good Governance?

Frank Bennett, Deputy Chair of Cloud Industry Forum shares his insights on Governance, what it means, the ramifications for when things go wrong in business and key actions for keeping their online business operations secured from potential hackers.

Serverless - threat or opportunity?

Danny Waite from Furnace presents his ideas on how serverless technology fits into the hosting environment, part of the series of expert video presentations in partnership with Digital Craftsmen in which we explore and discuss the evolving world of hosting and the different options available for businesses to review.