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2 November 2020

Review: Step One of your Business Reset

Review your businessLockdown UpdateAfter the government’s announcement on Saturday of a new lockdown starting this Thursday – we’ve updated our content in this blog post to […]
4 February 2020

Managed hosting consolidation in 2020: How to avoid being affected by the ‘Big Squeeze’.

For the last few years, the managed hosting market saw the first signs of consolidation, fuelled by the continuing success and popularity of the hyper-converged cloud […]
17 December 2019

CTO’s To-dos before Christmas aka getting ready for 2020 IT challenge

With Christmas looming just over the horizon, we’re in the final count-down before leaving the office and having a few well earned days off. We thought […]
4 June 2019

Have you implemented data classification yet?

There’s one thing that we are not running out of today in today’s world and that’s data. According to an Economist article published in 2017, data […]
14 May 2019

Psychology of Social Engineering Attacks

It never ceases to amaze how fraudsters get away with scams, with the media reporting on victims who have fallen to the many smooth-talking fraudsters peddling […]
1 May 2019

Cutting Through Cloud Complexity – Cutting Costs

Learn how to be a Cloud Ninja – and save 30% to 40% on your cloud costs In this blog post we look at ways to […]
26 April 2019

Five Common Cloud Security Mistakes

Mistake 1 – Not locking down the right ports for convenience. There are many differences between AWS and Microsoft Azure, not least in the terminology they […]
14 March 2019

Cutting Through Cloud Complexity – Seven Steps to cut back on cloud costs

Is Cloud Sprawl costing you the earth? Whether businesses like it or not, many operating in the cloud are in some way or another experiencing cloud […]
14 March 2019

So what is cloud sprawl, and what is the big deal?

The growth of public cloud continues apace, however as with any shiny new technology – there is the ‘let’s leap in’ approach and figure it out […]