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20 November 2019

A Well Architected Framework: Why IT projects are not only tools and tinkering

In this blog post we look at the best practices and expertise that sit behind a well architected framework and why it’s so important to get […]
26 June 2019
Security Minefield

Cloud Security – Avoid security minefields, use the tools provided

Securing your cloud assets can be a minefield of different tools, methods and applications and ensuring you have covered all the bases can prove to be […]
6 June 2019

System Administrators Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

From World War 2 WRENS to Modern day cloud admins, automation has always been part of the process. Automating and speeding up, boring, long and repetitive […]
4 June 2019
Cloud Security

Auditing your Public Cloud – AWS

You’ve got your platform launched, you’ve had your pen tests done and everything is ticking over nicely but how do you know what’s going on within […]
16 May 2017

Business Process Monitoring Tools: Pingdom, NewRelic, Opsview and AWS X-Ray

Business process monitoring is the practice of real-time monitoring of activity in your managed cloud environments and applications. Here are a few business process monitoring tools you need to know.
27 March 2017

Business benefits of information security for managed cloud services

When considering migrating to the cloud, you need a clear understanding of the potential security risks and benefits. While security concerns are similar across cloud services […]
3 February 2017

Cloud migration: 5 considerations for a smooth transition to the cloud

Five cloud migration considerations for your IT and data centre teams to understand before transitioning to the cloud.
26 June 2014

Insurance firm’s success in the cloud

An insurance start-up became a top-ten aggregator player in just six years with the support of cloud hosting from Digital Craftsmen. 1ST CENTRAL’s rapid growth saw […]
21 May 2014

Insider view: 1st Central Insurance

Our ‘insider’ series explores the challenges, pitfalls and triumphs of bespoke hosting projects. Organisation: 1st Central uses Digital Craftsmen to host complex applications and databases that deliver […]