AWS Automator

Build a Multi-Availability Zone, Virtual Private Cloud in less than 30 minutes

Using Foreman, Puppet, Graylog and a VPN Server

Automator Environment Diagram

Digital Craftsmen's Automator is a tool that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies to provide on-demand hosting environments.

AWS provides a web interface to build infrastructure, compute, provide storage and deliver other web services. This is a public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud service.

However, building complex environments by hand is time consuming and many of our clients have similar requirements; multiple networks spanned across two or three AWS Availability Zones (AZs) which are several geographically diverse data centres within each AWS region.

AWS also provides tools to automate the construction of systems (CloudFormation plus cfn-init) and modern Linux operating systems also provide additional tools to orchestrate and control configurations (cloudInitPuppet).

Using such tools, it is possible to create a complex configuration within minutes rather than hours or days.

This process has been packaged into a tool, called AWS Automator.

Technical Screencast

Watch the video below for an overview of how DCL Automator works:

Technical Whitepaper

To get a demo of the DCL Automator tool, find out how your company can use the tool, or to get a copy of the technical whitepaper, please get in touch.