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20 March 2020

Covid-19: Working remotely and keeping secure (updated)

COVID-19 is hitting countries hard and impacting every aspect of our personal and professional lives; and businesses have had precious little time to prepare. As many people adapt […]
14 February 2020

Multi-cloud: Unnecessary complexity or opportunity?

We are all witness to the unabated growth of the cloud, and its increasing complexity. Providers diversify, and many specialised cloud providers emerge on the market […]
10 February 2020

Feature deluges from “The Big Three”: Cloud 9 or a hidden cost?

At re:Invent 2019, AWS made no less than 75 product and feature announcements across the full six days – that’s more than ten announcements per day. […]
4 February 2020

Managed hosting consolidation in 2020: How to avoid being affected by the ‘Big Squeeze’.

For the last few years, the managed hosting market saw the first signs of consolidation, fuelled by the continuing success and popularity of the hyper-converged cloud […]