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4 February 2020

Managed hosting consolidation in 2020: How to avoid being affected by the ‘Big Squeeze’.

For the last few years, the managed hosting market saw the first signs of consolidation, fuelled by the continuing success and popularity of the hyper-converged cloud […]
22 January 2020

Cybersecurity 2020: Rising threats, rising costs, rising damage

At the start of this year, we’ve posted a blog on the ICT and Cloud trends to look out for in 2020 – and top of […]
23 December 2019

Security audits: Not the kind of threat you should fear

Running a security audit on your IT infrastructure means you’re one step ahead of hackers ‘Audit’ is a word laden with significance, impact, gravitas, formality and […]
26 June 2019
Security Minefield

Cloud Security – Avoid security minefields, use the tools provided

Securing your cloud assets can be a minefield of different tools, methods and applications and ensuring you have covered all the bases can prove to be […]