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Christmas Newsletter 2018

Merry Ho Ho Ho …..

Welcome to the DCL Christmas newsletter,

Not many days to go before Christmas…. However we’re squeezing in a last minute special security surprise.

Three Free Vulnerability Scanning Tests:

To celebrate our company securing the leading industry Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, we’ve a security themed prize giveaway – three ‘Vulnerability Scanning Tests’ worth up to £2500. All you have to do is to enter is to email us on: [email protected] with the title – ‘I want a Vulnerability Test’. Deadline for emails is the 31st December at 5pm. Winners will be selected via a simple draw, and notified by email on 2ndof January 2019.  See our T&C’s for full details.

What’s in the Vulnerability Test and why should you be doing it for your company?

What we are offering is an industry endorsed vulnerability test. It will review your external facing IP addresses (up to 10), checking for vulnerabilities or configuration issues, expired software licenses and the performance of apps approved or otherwise delivering a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the current vulnerabilities in your IT systems.

Why is it so valuable for businesses?

Forewarned is forearmed knowing what’s going on across your external facing IT systems allows you time to plan and protect.

Why do we think it’s vital for all businesses to have a Vulnerability test?

Out in the cyber world there are people hard at work, searching, and probing for points of failure in a business’s online defences. They’re determined to break into IT systems to steal data or hold your business hostage to ransomware. It’s not a case of if anymore, but when it’s going to happen. Running a vulnerability test means you can check if your defences are working properly.

Enter now, to win the free Vulnerability Test. It might well be the best prize you’ve ever won for your business, and your peace of mind.

One of the main benefits of the managed services we provide for clients are the ‘Silent Nights’ – silent because whilst they sleep, our teams are monitoring their IT systems 24/7, checking their systems are fully operational and secured. We bring trust and security expertise with ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations, meaning our clients have verified security trails for their company directors and shareholders. This ongoing pursuit of excellence in security we bring to clients through the support across their business in adopting a Security Mindset. 

We’ve captured the Security Mindset philosophy for the ‘Silent Nights’ Security Advent Calendar. Well worth a read as we’re sharing industry best practice and security advice to get you started on the Security Mindset path.

The review of Cybercrime in 2018

If you’re not convinced security for your business should be one of your top priorities, then think again. We found these statistics on Hackmageddon which shows that whilst technology is a great enabler for businesses, unless it’s properly secured and locked down, hackers will get in causing massive disruption. And the buck for it happening doesn’t just sit with the IT teams anymore, but culpability going all the way up to the board directors.

The following charts compare the distribution of motivations with cybercrime the #1 motivation:

It should come as no surprise that Malware leads the chart of the top ten attack techniques:

Daunting as these graphs can appear, if you have a team of security experts by your side, then much of the worry and stress is removed, and your time can be spent on actually running the business.  Speak to one of our craftsmen and find out about the Managed Hosting Platform plans we launched earlier this year, bringing the best in security processes, platforms and people together. There are three levels: Essential, Growth and then Critical – designed to scale with your business, without the need for a costly investment in new infrastructure as your IT systems grow and evolve.

2019 Predictions:

Who doesn’t love reading business predictions for the year ahead.. we’re sharing three we rate highly.

  1. ZD Net – Cybercrime and malware – 2019 predictions
  2. Kaspersky – Cyberthreats to financial institutions 2019
  3. CSO Online from IDG – 13 Data breach predictions for 2019

Of course there are lots more, and if you want to share your favourite list with us, then drop us an email at [email protected]

One of the big topics for 2019 is of course Brexit. If you’re still trying to understand what the impact means for your IT business, then this article is well worth spending a few minutes reading.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and Silent Nights over the holiday break,

Best wishes

The Digital Craftsmen team


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