Christmas Security tips

Christmas means the busiest time for many businesses. You're not alone, hackers are trying as hard to breach vulnerabilities. To fight back we're launching our security themed 'SilentNight' advent calendar, 24 days of security advice, handy free tools to check your current state of security readiness, and tips to do straight away to improve your online security.

1. How secure are website configurations for businesses? 

2. Are the headers on your webpages secured?

3. Always secure your internet connection

4. Create unique passwords for all your accounts

5. Don't be a victim of social engineering

6. Protect your digital identity

7. Business policy for starters and leavers

8.Email leaks means opens doors for grinches 

9. Say who? Do what?

10. Gaming and grinches, so much fun to be done

11. Keep family life grinch free

12. Don't make it a cinch for the grinch

13. Grinches don't care about size, when your data is their prize

14. How do you know if a grinch as broken through ?

Merry Christmas 

Let Digital Craftsmen take way your Christmas nightmares. Short staffed, Website taxed to the limit and security being challenged.

Our architects can step in and make sure that you and your business are covered. Leaving you to enjoy a silent night.

Planning Security upgrades in 2021 ?

Let us help you start the year well, with our security audit

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