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How it works

  • Provide read- only access to your billing files on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.
  • Digital Craftsmen analyses your log files and provide a checklist of action items.
  • Recommendations can reduce costs by up to 40% with minimal or no hassle.
  • It really is as simple as that to do - and with our no obligation service, it's an easy business choice to make. 

Key cloud cost assessment report recommendations include:

  • Terminate unused assets including VM's, un-attached storage volumes, empty load balancers and idle instances that no longer serve a purpose. We identify where your money is being wasted on unused assets
  • Optimise remaining assets for cost and performance by rightsizing your infrastructure. We provide a list of VNs and workloads that can be optimised
  • Schedule Start- stop times for non production infrastructure. Did you know an 8am-8pm schedule can save you up to 65% on operating costs? We can show you how to set it up.
  • Change pricing tariffs and leverage volume discount programmes by consolidating usage under a master billing account or by buying through a broker. We can save you money by optimising how you buy. 
  • Automate and tag everything properly. We audit your infrastructure to identify security weaknesses and correctly tag your projects. 
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