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Why bring in Drupal Managed Experts?

There is always the temptation to manage Drupal hosting internally. However, even the easily done small error during set up will lead to significant and potentially expensive issues to resolve later on.

This is why working with third-party experts is a sensible decision because it might well from making costly mistakes; and a dedicated team will continue to optimise your cloud hosting environment and data more efficiently.

Find out about the many ways we continue to cut costs for our clients hosting, visit our case studies section here.

What is Managed Drupal Hosting?

Managed Drupal Hosting is a web hosting service specifically tailored for Drupal websites and managed by Drupal experts.

It’s a smart investment for businesses and organisations, because the hosting provider takes care of the many technical requirements, ongoing maintenance tasks, whilst always securing the website. All of which frees up capacity for the internal teams to focus on developing their website content and functionality.

Our Drupal Services

We provide businesses with secure and resilient server environment tailored and optimised around their Drupal website. Our services bring peace of mind that all the aspects of your hosting are being managed by specialist support teams who are available 24/7 to monitor, patch, backup, and check systems for the latest security alerts, whilst always looking at real and tangible ways to optimise performance and metrics.

Managed UK Hosting

If you have sensitive data or a mission-critical Drupal application which needs to be hosted in the UK, we offer highly customisable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) designed for the toughest of demands.

Automated Updates and Backups

We ensure that your site is running on the latest and most secure version of Drupal and implement an automatic backup system to mitigate data loss, downtime and to keep your data safe.

Improved Site Performance

Our Craftsmen are trained to optimise the performance of your site through a variety of measures including CDN and caching to enhance and increase speed, optimise performance, and response time for a seamless user experience.


Our robust security measures offer continuous protection to combat the increased threat of cyber-attacks and protect sensitive data. Our ITIL service desk is available 24/7 for quick and effective incident response and ultimate peace of mind.

Managed Drupal Hosting benefits

Managed Drupal Hosting provides access to our specialist support, proactive maintenance, increased security and the ability to scale as and when it’s needed.

Save Time and Resources

Offload technical responsibilities and routine maintenance tasks to our Drupal specialists for peace of mind, leaving you time to grow your business and manage site content.


Drupal Hosting provides the infrastructure needed to scale your operations, for instance during high traffic volumes or when application resource availability is high. We provide reliable and robust solutions to scale your site at ease while maintaining optimum website performance and user experience.

Enhanced Performance

From continuous performance optimisation to powerful security measures, managed Drupal Hosting improves your site’s functionality and speed, reducing the risk of downtime and vulnerabilities.

Why choose Digital Craftsmen?

The best in cyber security

Our team of ISO:27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus-accredited security experts always put cyber security at the heart of any hosting solution. We have over 21 years’ experience of managing business-critical web services, applications and infrastructure for clients, providing 24/7 support.

Your trusted partner

Our clients view us as a trusted extension of their IT team thanks to our wealth of experience and dedication to providing tailored hosting solutions to fit the unique requirements of our clients. As hosting providers, we take a hands-on practical approach and are trusted by household names and high-stake enterprises to provide a secure, flexible and cost-efficient hosting environment. We nurture long-lasting relationships with our clients and ensure you’re in the strongest place to take full advantage of the benefits that managed Drupal hosting brings.

  • ISO 27001-Certified
  • Cyber Essentials Plus-Certified
  • Crown Commercial Services Supplier
  • Investors in People
  • Security & Compliance Built-in
  • 100% uptime – 24/7, 365
  • Operating cost reduction