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Drupal is a powerful open-source content management system used by businesses and organisations of all sizes to create websites and applications with improved responsiveness, security and performance.

The Digital Craftsmen team are Drupal specialists and have the experience required to provide the right migration solution for your Drupal migration journey.

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We’ll help you navigate your Drupal migration projects with ease. For more information, contact us on 020 3745 7706 or email [email protected].

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What is Drupal Migration

Drupal migration is the process of upgrading or moving a Drupal website from one version to another or from one hosting platform to another. Businesses often encounter the need to migrate their site in order to scale their growth and website functionality, as well as keep up to date with the latest security updates and feature enhancements.

Drupal migrations vary in complexity depending on the size of a site and involve transferring website data, settings and functionality correctly to the latest version of Drupal or hosting environment.

It is essential that strategy and the migration process are carried out by experts who  are experienced in Drupal  to mitigate any possible data loss and misconfigurations  that will  negatively affect both the site or user experience.

The benefits of migrating to Drupal

Drupal allows many businesses and organisations to scale and meet ever-evolving business needs. The latest version of Drupal allows you to:

  • Leverage the latest security features and patches
  • Enhance user experience and increase conversions
  • Optimise site performance, including site speed and accessibility
  • Access advanced functionality and customisation abilities

Why choose Digital Craftsmen?

Drupal migration experts

For starters we provide unparalleled technical support and guidance to optimise your site for exceptional performance and user experience, whilst always keeping an eye on implementing  robust security defences, reducing the risk of data loss or any website downtime.

From the visual design of your site to migrating complex integrations, we carefully plan and test for a seamless migration and precise end result.

Your trusted migration partner

Our team offers unrivalled support, from initial query to migration, and then   with our award winning managed services for a stress-free, successful Drupal migration project.

We also offer training and support to developers and website administrators who are new to the Drupal platform and help you adapt to the new environment.

By using our expert support, your team won’t have the burden of migrating to the latest version of Drupal, with no risk and support to ensure a smooth transition with a full migration strategy.

We offer the best in cyber security

With over 21 years of experience in managing business-critical web services, infrastructure, and applications for our clients, we are proud to provide the best in cyber security as standard.

We are ISO:27001 certified and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited experts, with support and incident response available 24/7.

  • ISO 27001-Certified
  • Cyber Essentials Plus-Certified
  • Crown Commercial Services Supplier
  • Investors in People
  • Security & Compliance Built-in
  • 100% uptime – 24/7, 365
  • Tailored, cost-efficient solutions