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Magento or Adobe Commerce is an Open Source eCommerce software that offers retailers highly customisable features making it one of the most popular available today. The release of Magento 2 with its increased scalability and flexibility provides retailers with next-generation functionality in innovating their online retail experiences. 

While Magento is a powerful eCommerce solution, the features that make it so dynamic also make it exceptionally high-maintenance and costly to host.

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This is where specialist hosting partners like Digital Craftsmen are on hand to help.

We offer specialised managed hosting services with a server capacity more than able to handle the force of the Magento platform and its unique needs. This means extremely optimised caching systems, high-tech hardware, and a solid cyber security defence to protect and secure your online retail operations against cyber attacks.

We’re here to help you tailor-fit, manage and secure the right hosting solution for your business.

Digital Craftsmen Cyber Security – dedicated to securing businesses from cyber attacks.

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