Why choose us as your AWS cloud partner?

Realising the full benefits of cloud hosting requires a different way of thinking and doing. 

The more skilled the thinking, planning and doing, the better the results. 

It’s as simple as that.

Why we step in

Our team are AWS experts delivering the level of security and protection, high-end performance, efficiency and cost savings your business demands.

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Bespoke Cloud Tools:

  • Orchestrate power management of hosts
  • Make instance provisioning and configuration simple
  • Automate your backups
  • Centralise logging for an instant AWS systems solution your team can use immediately

Cloud Agility and Scalability:

The public cloud is about the speed of provisioning and delivery of highly scalable systems.

We help you to take advantage of all that AWS has to offer:

Infrastructure-as-code – to quickly and consistently build environments on demand.

Configuration management – of instances using Puppet and encrypted Hiera.

Version control – of your infrastructure and instance configurations.

Automation and orchestration of your instances – Foreman and remote execution.

Developer tools and provisioning templates – enhancing productivity.

Auto-scaling for peaks in demand – using automation to ensure instance consistency.

Intrusion detection & prevention, access control, user & data security, audit & log management.

Continuous solution design, change management and migration services are also available.

Trusted and secure

Our cloud services follow industry cyber security best practices ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials accreditations. We operate a 24/7 ITIL-managed helpdesk, with support available whenever you need it.

You’ll always get to speak with a real person, not an automated system.

Our AWS Cloud Service offers:

Security and compliance built-in.

100% uptime - 24/7 -365 days a year.

Continual cloud cost management.

Bring in the Best

We continually invest in training, so our teams are always certified to the highest industry standards across multiple disciplines.

Bring in third-party certified cyber security and cloud hosting experts to secure not only your business but your reputation as well.

AWS Certified

AWS continues to dominate the cloud market and offers an impressive number of tools and features for users.

It’s simple enough to set up but easy enough to make errors, or get distracted by the sheer number of features available. 

Integration into existing data centres and hybrid hosting solutions requires a deeper technical skillset to avoid costly mistakes.

Tailored Cloud Technology by Craftsmen

Deploying AWS and the full integration it offers requires technical knowledge and experience. It’s what our teams are trained to do. 

Our company philosophy has always been to make sure our Craftsmen have the latest skills training and are up to date with the latest platform developments. 

We don’t just know AWS, we know how to tailor it to work for your business.

Why choose Digital Craftsmen as your AWS cloud partner?

Why Choose Bespoke Cloud Services? 

Because one size does not fit all – and as Craftsmen, we always take the time to work with you to develop the right solution, tailoring the cloud to fit your business requirements, and continually optimising its efficiency to bring measurable cost savings.

Efficiency saves clients money

In our monthly and quarterly client account reviews, the Craftsmen review how things have gone and always provide recommendations for continual improvements. 

Once the recommendations are signed off, we take action and the results speak for themselves.

We ensure that you’re always getting the best value for money.

Digital Craftsmen Proprietary Tools

We’ve developed our own AWS Cloud tools to make our work quicker even more efficient. It’s just another part of the service we bring to clients, always offering that little bit more

Discover more about how our specialist AWS Cloud managed hosting services support your internal IT teams, giving them time to drive business growth.

Call us on 020 3745 7707 or email [email protected].

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{"":{"title":"Managed AWS","description":"Save money on licenses, hardware and support and benefit from strong virtual classroom environments, permanent resource availability and secure data storage.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/cloud-hosting\/managed-aws\/"},"368":{"title":"Sectors","description":"Improved transaction processing speeds, enhanced innovation, increased customer insights and reduced data and continuity risk.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/sectors\/"},"1622":{"title":"Insurance","description":"Save money and improve underwriting, claims processing, fraud prevention, customer service and business operations.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/sectors\/insurance\/"},"1625":{"title":"Financial Services","description":"Faster, easier access to data for regulatory reporting, risk mitigation, analytics, deep learning and improve customer experience.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/sectors\/financial-services\/"},"1626":{"title":"Digital Agencies","description":"Create campaigns on the go, enjoy better insights and near - 100% uptime with powerful analytics.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/sectors\/digital-agencies\/"},"1627":{"title":"E-Commerce Businesses","description":"Accessible data, automatic syncing, stability, scalability, plus remote work facilitation and easy backups.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/sectors\/e-commerce\/"},"1628":{"title":"Transport","description":"Real-time vehicle tracking and diagnostics dynamic fleet management systems coupled with real-time pricing and inventory. ","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/sectors\/transport\/"},"1629":{"title":"Public Sector","description":"Rapid implementation, process unification, security, geographical mobility and scalability, all with expert support.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/sectors\/public-sector\/"},"1631":{"title":"Retail","description":"Real-time inventory tracking and monitoring, greater performance insights, lower operational costs and easy supplier integration.","permalink":"https:\/\/www.digitalcraftsmen.com\/sectors\/retail\/"}}

How AWS Cloud can benefit your industry

Managed AWS

Reduced costs, enhanced privacy, secure sharing of medical records and streamlined collaborative patient care.
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We stop cyber criminals getting their hands on sensitive financial information from major insurance brands.

Financial Services

Future-proofing the Fintech Revolution, with speed, security and reliability.

Digital Agencies

Safeguarding your business-critical accounts.

E-Commerce Businesses

Managed cloud services that maximise uptime and stability for a seamless experience.


Choose A Trusted Hosting Partner To Deliver Secure, World-Class Learning Environments.


Keeping you compliant and ready to adapt quickly to regulatory changes.

Public Sector

Crown Commercial Service-approved suppliers providing vulnerability management, specialised end-to-end services and cloud hosting.


Helping businesses operate in the cloud safely and securely.
Why Digital Craftsmen

Your chosen partner for Managed Cloud Solutions

  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Cyber Essentials Certified
  • Crown Commercial Services Supplier
  • Investors in people
  • Security & Compliance Built-in
  • 100% uptime – 24/7 – 365
  • Operating cost reduction