Why choose Digital Craftsmen as your Azure Cloud experts?

To realise the full benefits of Cloud hosting requires a radically different way of thinking and doing. The more skilled the thinking and planning, the better the results. 

It’s as simple as that. 

That’s why working with third-party experts makes a lot of business sense for SMEs. 

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Azure-Certified Practitioners 

Microsoft’s Azure is the preferred Cloud solution for enterprises and larger businesses as it fully integrates Microsoft’s different software.

Deploying Azure and the full integration it offers requires deep technical expertise. It’s what our teams are trained to do. We don’t just know Azure, we know how to tailor it the way you need it to work for your business.

Eliminate your pain points: 

  • Lack of time and resources available internally to manage your cloud investment properly
  • Overstretched internal teams lacking the expertise required to secure and optimise cloud fully

Our Managed Cloud Service offers:

  • Security and compliance built in
  • Proactive cyber security to scan, monitor and remediate
  • 100% uptime – 24/7 -365
  • Reduced operating costs

In recent times cyber security has become an even more critical part of any setup, and it’s important for businesses to remember that the responsibility for security sits with them, not the cloud provider.

Our team of ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials-accredited experts secure and defend your cloud estate to the highest verified industry standards.

Azure Certified Security Practices

Digital Craftsmen provide best-practice cloud solutions, ensuring seamless integration with your technical teams and internal procedures.

ISO:27001 and UK Cyber Essentials-Certified

Our team are managed via an ITIL support desk delivering world-class security and protection, high-end performance and cost savings.

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About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a collection of Cloud services designed for developers to build, deploy and manage Microsoft applications across their global network of managed data centres and mature ecosystem. Microsoft Azure offers:

  • High Availability systems in geographically diverse data centres
  • Azure Load Balancing (ALB) to dynamically increase and decrease capacity
  • Manage costs by properly utilising the scaling of Microsoft Azure pricing

Whether your developers are using Agile methodology to create a cloud-native application or are looking to move a legacy application to the cloud, our engineers work closely with you to rapidly iterate on your infrastructure as required and recommend solutions to ensure your systems are performing efficiently as they scale.

Microsoft Azure Cost Optimisation

Our ongoing service involves regularly reviewing, recommending and actioning changes to your Microsoft Azure setup to ensure you always get the best value for money.

We’ve developed proprietary tools to orchestrate power management of hosts, make instance provisioning and configuration simple, automate your backups and centralise logging in an instant. 

Speak to our team of dedicated Cloud Engineers and Solutions Architects about your Azure hosting requirements.

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