Moodle Managed Hosting & Migration Solutions

Moodle is one of the most popular and trusted course management systems used to deliver online learning courses in the education and skills training sectors.

Two of its many benefits are its capacity for scalability and customisability, which means that students can enjoy a bespoke, customised, and most importantly engaging interactive learning experience. Built on the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP), it’s best hosted on Linux, Apache and MySQL. 

In the design and build phase, plans MUST factor in the ability to accelerate capacity at speed at peak times with unlimited resources. If this is missing, it will negatively impact the learning experience and might cause the site to crash at time-critical moments, such as a fast-approaching deadline for students to upload their work.  

We provide specialist managed solutions for clients and work with them to optimise the tremendous potential of the Moodle platform, whilst always delivering a first-class experience for students.

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PETER MUNDAY - Education & Training Foundation

“We engaged Digital Craftsmen as a trusted IT partner to deliver just that: a scalable platform across multiple AWS availability zones within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to achieve economies of scale. They have delivered beyond our expectations and continue to proactively optimise on cost savings whilst keeping our learning environment secured against all threats”


“If you have anything that needs high-level monitoring skills then Digital Craftsmen are faultless. They’re cutting edge”

Our team are experts in configuring hosting software and infrastructure, optimising data consumption, cost-efficiency and powering back when data peaks have slowed.

We provide an ITIL helpdesk 24/7, full back-up data recovery and free migration of your learning platforms to one centralised hub.

All our hosting is protected and secured by ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials-verified cyber security experts.

There are many reasons to choose our managed e-learning hosting services – contact our experts today to find out more about Moodle.

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