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Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most popular and trusted management systems used to deliver online learning courses in the education and skills training sectors.

As a Moodle hosting provider, we offer specialist managed solutions for clients and work with them to optimise the tremendous potential of the Moodle platform, while always delivering a first-class experience for students.

Unlock the benefits of Moodle with powerful and reliable hosting

Moodle allows learners to interact with and share multiple media resources in a dynamic virtual learning environment. Two of the many benefits of the online learning platform are its capacity for scalability and customisability, which means that Moodle users enjoy a bespoke, customised, and most importantly, an engaging learning experience.

Built on the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP), it’s best hosted on Linux, Apache and MySQL. 

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Our Moodle Hosting Services

Design and build

In the design and build phase, a robust hosting service must be put in place to factor in the ability to accelerate capacity at speed at peak times with unlimited resources. If this is missing, it will negatively impact the learning experience and might cause the Moodle website to crash at time-critical moments, such as a fast-approaching deadline for students to upload their work.

Back-up data recovery

Our Moodle hosting service offers full back-up data recovery to protect from data loss. Hardware failures, cyber security attacks, human error or server issues all easily lead to the loss of vital and personal data, which can result in reputational damage or even legal consequences. A thorough and reliable backup provides peace of mind and ensures data can be recovered and restored promptly, with minimal downtime for users.

Free Moodle migration

Our services offer free migration of your learning platforms to one centralised hub, whether this is a new server or domain. Navigating Moodle migration is best left to our experts, who will help you import or export your data with ease, and ensure security and performance remains consistent and scalable to meet your demands.

Dedicated support

We provide an ITIL helpdesk 24/7 with a dedicated support team to keep your Moodle site secure and running efficiently. Ease of communication and quick response is a key part of our hosting service and ensures you have access to support staff with a deep understanding of your organisation’s requirements, the challenges you face and are available whenever you need support.

Secure hosting

All our hosting is protected and secured by ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus -verified cyber security experts. ISO27001 is the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS), data protection and cyber security.

Keep your Moodle platform secure with our certified experts.

PETER MUNDAY - Education & Training Foundation

“We engaged Digital Craftsmen as a trusted IT partner to deliver just that: a scalable platform across multiple AWS availability zones within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to achieve economies of scale. They have delivered beyond our expectations and continue to proactively optimise on cost savings whilst keeping our learning environment secured against all threats”


“If you have anything that needs high-level monitoring skills then Digital Craftsmen are faultless. They’re cutting edge”

Why choose Digital Craftsmen as your Moodle hosting experts?

Tailored Moodle solutions

We take the time with you to truly understand your requirements to find the best Moodle hosting package for you. From configuring Moodle with a secure set-up, to managed cloud hosting solutions and advice on best place to host Moodle, our expertise means we are able to provide bespoke solutions designed to meet your business or organisation’s demands.

Investors in People

Our team has been awarded the Investors In People standard for over 10 years. We are leaders in our industry for investing in training and certification for our team, which results in an ever-expanding list of competencies across cloud infrastructure, cyber security and optimisation. It allows us to operate at the top of our industry and in turn provide the best possible service to our clients.

Continuous performance monitoring

We schedule regular reviews with our clients, to make sure their Moodle site is always running at optimal performance, with cost saving recommendations and at the latest updated security levels.

We pride ourselves on a proactive approach to constantly optimise your hosting systems.

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