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We work with various assessment tools to provide insights into your cloud costs, security and performance. From the report, we prepare your very own action list on how to improve, fix and harden the issues.

For new projects, we will help you clarify your needs to find the right solution.


Using the insights from our assessment or workshop, we then explore and test ways to optimise your existing cloud infrastructure, saving up to 40% in costs.

From rightsizing to resale, we’ve got you covered.


We provide 24/7 technical support with a rapid response team ready on standby, essential for your mission-critical workloads – whether they’re in our Data Centre or in the Cloud.

Get peace of mind knowing we’re always there when you need us.


Our methodology is based on continual process and service improvement. We continually invest in the latest software so our clients have the latest edge in performance, security and change control. And our trusted partnerships with global software companies mean our clients have the might of a global leader with the personalised services our team deliver. The best of both worlds.

Invest in the Best

Craftsmen do not become the most skilled in their field without continual training and experience. We take great pride that our investment in skills and training (3 x the average spend in IT) has been officially recognised by Investors In People for over ten years. It’s what makes our team true craftsmen.

Virtuous Cycle of Improvement

Our tailored craftsmen approach means we constantly research, hunt and find ways to actively improve and optimise our client’s IT systems and networks.

Armed with that intelligence, we prepare quarterly review meetings with our clients to discuss previous performance and agree on ways to continue to optimise our services for them. There is no hidden fee for this, it’s part of our tailored Craftsmen approach.

Of course, this is on top of the continuous network and security monitoring, backed by an Award-Winning team and Competitive SLA.

Download our Cloud Control Overview

Check your current set up against this simple checklist

  • Terminate and dispose unused assets
  • Optimise active assets
  • Schedule workloads
  • Optimise your pricing tariffs
  • Monitor, automate, adapt

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