Bespoke automation

Cloud Automation uses software and a sequence of processes to automate the provisioning and management of cloud computing workloads and services, offering significant time and cost efficiencies.

Using Cloud Automation, IT administrators can greatly reduce or eliminate manual processes in virtual network creation, virtual machine deployment, load balancing and performance monitoring, lowering administrative overheads and speeding up the delivery of resources.

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The Craftsmen Approach to Automation

We’ve developed a range of bespoke automation tools specifically designed to manage our clients’ hosting and security requirements.

Digital Craftsmen have got a proven track record of saving time and money for our clients – and here’s an example of how we do it.

Build a Multi-Availability Zone, Virtual Private Cloud in less than 30 minutes

AWS provides a web interface to build infrastructure, compute, provide storage and deliver other web services. However, building complex environments by hand is time-consuming and many of our clients have similar requirements; multiple networks spanning two or three AWS Availability Zones (AZs).

AWS also provides tools to automate the construction of systems (CloudFormation plus cfn-init) and modern Linux operating systems also provide additional tools to orchestrate and control configurations (cloudInitPuppet). Using such tools it’s possible to create a complex configuration in minutes, rather than hours or days.

How does it work?

The Digital Craftsmen Automator is a tool that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies to provide on-demand hosting environments.

With Automation, you can rapidly move from physical infrastructure to deploying secure production environments in the Cloud with the leading Cloud service providers, including AWS and Azure.

This free guide gives you all the information necessary to implement a strategic automation design for your current cloud services set-up.

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What is Cloud Automation?

Cloud Automation and configuration management mean controlling the setup, configuration and management of Cloud Services. It allows you to rapidly move from physical infrastructure to deploying secure production environments in the Cloud with leading cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure or GCP. It can also be applied to your own hybrid Cloud environment using Chef, Puppet and Graylog, with major benefits.

Cloud Automation helps you quickly build and configure systems that are consistent and repeatable — leading to immutable architecture and all of the advantages that it delivers; such as stability, preventing configuration drift, advanced deployment methods, zero-downtime deployments, consistent environments alongside efficient and effective disaster recovery options.

We offer strategic automation design for your current Cloud Services set-up 

Automation Benefits

Save 60% on your usual running costs for AWS through configuration management

Core Implementation

Automation is a core piece of the managed Cloud services we offer. If you’re moving to the Cloud, our experts review how you manage your infrastructure and discuss how configuration management will improve your business practices.

Automation is essential for managing Cloud services cost-effectively

Virtual Machine Scheduling

What if you could turn your AWS systems on and off to a schedule? In a development environment, there are machines used by developers during the work day, and scheduling them to turn off in the evening and at weekends could save over 60% of costs through virtual machine scheduling.

Optimise & Improve

We often work with clients who have existing cloud infrastructure; they come to us to help them improve the configuration they’ve deployed, including rolling out automation configuration management and matching of machines, which means getting even more control over your machines to reduce costs and improve performance.

Our Automation Plans

Below are the Automation plans we offer.

Essential Plan Growth Plan Critical Plan
Essential Plan Growth Plan Critical Plan
Problem Management
Threat Management
Access Control
Patch Management
Performance Monitoring
Anti Virus
Firewall Management
Solutions Document
24/7 Critical Incident Support
Application Support
Quarterly Reporting
Service Delivery Manager
Configuration Management
Change Management
Daily Operations
Forward Planning & Consultation

Our team will help you plan an automation strategy and are on hand to support you implement it.

Give us a call to find out how we can help you to save time and money on your cloud management.

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