In today’s business world, any sprawl be it: cloud, data, infrastructure, cost or security sprawl not only wastes valuable resources and money, it also creates serious vulnerability issues.

The rate of sprawl is accelerating as businesses drive innovation through technology to become more competitive and efficient.  The double edged sword is the move to the cloud and amounts of data being stored has created the perfect sprawl storm.  

Knowing how and where to identify, manage and stop sprawl is not necessarily a task internal teams are set up to deal with or have the skills to manage.

This is where we step in to help businesses. Our team come with years of expertise to find the issues easily missed by the unexperienced eye.

It’s why our Sprawl Audits are far more than just technical reports.

Digital Craftsmen has built an impressive track record for over 21 years in making sure our clients consistently achieve maximum benefits and measurable cost savings from their technology, infrastructure, and hosting investments.

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Types of Sprawl

Cloud Sprawl

This is the unchecked proliferation of cloud instances, services or providers within a business. Running a cloud sprawl audit will save businesses up to 30% on hosting costs.

Data Sprawl

Accumulation of vast amounts of data generated by businesses causes difficulties to effectively manage and monitor and hampers the ability to use it in the digital transformation roadmap.

Infrastructure Sprawl

Existence of under-utilised systems and services consuming resources but not providing the full benefits they should is inefficient and costs money.  This is particularly an issue when companies merge.

Booking any audit automatically means managing:

Cost Sprawl

The culmination of cloud, data and infrastructure sprawl as costs escalate, resources are wasted or not properly utilised which impacts a business’s growth plans or digital transformation.

Security Sprawl

Any surface area that is not visible, managed, or secured is a security issue and vulnerable to attack.

Auditing for any sprawl in your organisation will greatly increase your cyber security stance and reduce the level of cyber threats. That’s why it’s critical to have total control of your cyber security as cyber criminals are always looking for every weakness to exploit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

While they share similarities, each audit focuses on different aspects of an organisation’s business, digital, and network landscape.

Cloud Sprawl Audit: This primarily focuses on the resources and services within your cloud environment. It addresses issues like underutilised resources, excessive cloud costs, and potential security vulnerabilities specifically within the cloud infrastructure.

Data Sprawl Audit: This audit is more concerned with the organisation and management of data. It involves assessing how data is stored, accessed, and shared across an organisation, regardless of whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises. It aims to identify potential data security risks, ensure compliance with regulations, and optimise data management practices.

Infrastructure Audit: This is a broader examination that encompasses not only the cloud but also on-premises infrastructure. It looks at the entire IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, storage, and other physical and virtual components. The goal is to ensure that all components work efficiently, securely, and in alignment with organisational objectives.

In summary:

A cloud sprawl audit is a subset of an infrastructure audit that specifically focuses in on the cloud environment.

A data sprawl audit, on the other hand, focuses on the organisation’s data landscape, which may include both cloud and on-premises data storage.

Each type of audit serves a distinct purpose in the overall health, efficiency, and security of different facets of an organisation’s IT ecosystem.

Cloud environments are constantly changing and evolving over time, so the simple answer is a business must plan for regular audits to have full visibility and control of their entire cloud eco system. The benefits though of running regular audits are clear from the start, and will more than pay for themselves in terms of cost savings identified around the business.

Download our sprawl guides and cloud sprawl checklist:

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