Why you should be considering IaaS for your business growth?

It brings real business benefits: 

  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Reliability, Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Cost Optimization – OPEX over CAPEX

“Efficiency-driven workload migration demands a different mindset and approach than agility-driven cloud adoption,” said Lydia Leong, Distinguished Analyst and VP at Gartner.

Yet many businesses don’t realise the full potential of IaaS for various reasons. 

Not having the right experience in-house is the most common reason why. This is where bringing in third-party experts to set up and manage IaaS makes business sense. 

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Three levels of IaaS to choose from:

Standard IaaS

Provision of infrastructure to the hypervisor level, giving complete freedom to the client to deploy solutions to solve their business needs.

Enhanced IaaS

Additional services, including management services, i.e., Backup as a Service offering a managed platform for backup of guest images (scheduling and testing by the client).

Managed Services

Operational support for routine operations, management services such as patching, managed firewalls & VPNs and fully managed backup (scheduling and testing managed by us). IaaS Features Our Infrastructure as a Service platform has a target availability of 99.99%.


We provide exceptional service for clients with a full suite of IaaS Solutions, Managed Services, Planning and Consultancy Services. 

We are ISO:27001 and Cyber Essentials verified experts, which means you can trust us to keep your systems secure. 


Starting with our managed dedicated infrastructure and trusted long-term partnerships with Cloud Providers we provide the flexibility and choices for clients to develop the best hosting combinations tailored for each client’s needs.

Our VMware vSphere 7-based virtual private cloud infrastructure allows us to provide Enterprise-Grade Cloud Hosting, particularly suitable for legacy enterprise applications with high availability, performance and auditable security requirements.

Each of our Tier III+ data centres has diverse and fully redundant power and cooling infrastructure, excellent physical and virtual security 24/7/365 and no single point of failure in the network.

Each data centre is managed, monitored and maintained 24/7/365 by ISO:27001, and Cyber Essential certified experts.

What's included in the Enhanced IaaS service?

Managed Antivirus platform

Managed VPNs

Managed Firewalls

Managed SMTP email delivery platform

Managed DNS

Managed Load Balancing

Enhanced Monitoring via OS Installed Agents

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