March 14


So what is cloud sprawl, and what is the big deal?

The growth of public cloud continues apace, however as with any shiny new technology – there is the ‘let’s leap in’ approach and figure it out later. What usually happens is people sign up because the cloud offers them growth, and then they start to use more of it to cope with growth, without any proper planning, understanding or training on how to use it, which makes it unwieldy and expensive. And with public cloud, it’s a pay for what you consume price model so costs can quickly escalate.

How does it happen?

Setting up a cloud account is almost too easy, which means anyone in your business can sign up with no understanding of the different pricing models on offer, or their ‘true’ hosting and storage requirements or forgotten accounts not being switched off.  It can also happen when the growth offered by cloud becomes too fast for businesses to manage and before they know what’s happened, they’re on the backfoot with their cloud hosting, paying more than they should. Whichever camp you’re sitting in, there  is always a way out with a free cloud health assessment.

What’s it actually costing business?

Multiple research has shown over the years has businesses are wasting money wth many IT leaders underestimating by how much. The latest report from RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud shows that whilst people estimated 27% cloud wastage their business, actual figures were closer to 35%.

Despite the increased focus on cloud cost management, not many businesses are implementing automated policies to address this issue such as shutting down unused workloads or rightsizing instances. Many cloud users are also not taking advantage of the various cloud provider pricing options available.

What can you do about it?

The first is to read the Seven Steps to cut your Cloud costs blog which provides real immediate actions you can take to remedy the situation.

2            The second is to sign up for a free Cloud health assessment from the Digital Craftsmen team using the #1 ranked by Gartner Cloud Health software to assess the cloud eco system within a business. The report delivered can save a business anywhere up to 30% on cloud costs, and with actionable recommendations provides the basis for a roadmap to becoming cloud wise.

3            Talk to Cloud experts about your long term cloud plans and see how they can help you deploy a multi cloud ecosystem and training to support a cloud team within your business.

To find out how to slash your cloud costs – contact the Digital Craftsmen at [email protected] or call us on +44(0)20 3745 7706



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