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Digital Craftsmen & Armor Defense – a Pioneering Cyber Security Partnership

The Armor approach to cyber security is more than XDR or SOC, and it’s their approach which marks new battle grounds against the cyber criminals.

It’s based on the theory and practice of the FBI and spearheaded by their cyber security evangelist Miguel Clarke, who for 24 years was a cyber security special agent for the FBI.

What business directors and technical directors should know (and most CISOs already know), is that no technology alone will protect a company from a ransomware attack. It requires the people working within any organisation to learn to become cyber aware and for businesses to develop their cyber resilience.

Yes, you need the right technology and these days a SOC operated by a team of dedicated specialists monitoring and scanning not just your network but also the dark web, watching for any cyber-attack trends and making sure your systems are fully secured.

You also need to understand the levels of cyber threats and why taking the Skillset, Mindset, and Toolset is the best cybersecurity framework for all organisations to adopt in their defences.

Partnership with Digital Craftsmen:

The Digital Craftsmen team believe the Skillset, Mindset and Toolset approach is a game changer in how we collectively as an industry must work together to tackle cyber threats, because not all businesses have these in place regardless of the size of operations.


For 21 years we have successfully secured our clients’ managed hosting and offer specialist cyber security services; helping prepare our clients for entry onto our partner’s specialist XDR service.

Our Skillset involves vulnerability auditing, patching, remediating and hardening, with a dedicated team ready to patch or fix any threats identified by the SOC in minutes, not hours or even days.

ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials-accredited, the Digital Craftsmen team have the skills and experience – verified to the highest industry standards – to work with clients to ensure all processes and best practices are rigorously followed.

Discover more about the cyber security services the Craftsmen provide here.


Armor is a global leader in cloud-native managed detection and response. Their industry-leading experts leverage non-proprietary frameworks and a 24/7/365 SOC to be the de facto standard that cloud-centric customers trust with their risk.

As a trusted partner to over 1,500 firms in more than 40 countries, the company has built a legacy of trust and innovation around their cyber security software and services.

Two key products set the benchmark for businesses looking to scale up their cyber security resilience and defences.

1 – XDR, or Extended Detection and Response, extends endpoint and network detection and response to correlate log event and telemetry data from across your environment to deliver comprehensive security insights to detect even the most advanced threats.

Find out more about the Armor XDR below.

2 – Armor SOC – Respond to threats with our Always-on SOC. Armor’s security operations centre or “SOC” fills that gap with our own cybersecurity professionals (analysts, engineers, forensics experts, and support staff) who provide our customers with incident response, investigation, threat hunting capabilities and guidance.

Find out more about the Armor SOC below.


This is a practice which builds mental resilience and one that everyone should learn and practice so it becomes second nature. It applies to every aspect of our online lives from work through to personal.

What exactly do we mean by the Cyber Resilience Mindset?

It’s about keeping one step ahead of criminals, about questioning and checking every interaction you have online, in short it’s learning to modify one’s behaviour from the starting position of trust to check before you trust.

The Cyber security mindset is based on a mental framework developed by fighter pilots in WW2 which kept them one step ahead of their enemies. Called OODA, it stands for Observation, Orientation, Decision and then Act.

You can find out more about the FBI inspired OODA Mindset from our blog post here.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to bolster your cybersecurity defences.

These valuable resources will help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting your business from cyber attacks. 

Download Armor’s SOC and XDR whitepapers here and find out more about Armor’s security portfolio:


On tour with Cyber Security evangelist Miguel Clarke:

We went on tour with Miguel Clarke in the UK earlier this year, where he had been asked to speak at a variety of events, from large conferences to primary schools, breakfast briefings to business owners to AI and cloud hosting specialists.

At each event, Miguel’s message was clear. We all have to learn the Cyber Security Mindset, it doesn’t matter what age you are, whether still at school or college, an entrepreneur or working for large corporations.

There were eureka moments at each event when people understood that they were part of the solution and not the problem and realised they too have the ability and confidence to secure and defend their businesses, their families and themselves.

You can watch the videos from the breakfast briefing and webinar here.

You can also read more of Miguel’s views on how FBI principles and employees’ mindsets can provide the key to cyber security in a Yorkshire Post article here.

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