A vulnerability audit identifies flaws and weaknesses in your network. Digital Craftsmen have over 20 years of experience in securing clients, their data, and networks against cyber-attacks. All businesses are at risk from cyber-attack and in an increasingly online world and the expertise needed to combat such risks is difficult to recruit.

 We offer a free vulnerability audit for all businesses and organisations who are looking to take the first important step in securing their online assets.

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What is a vulnerability audit?

A free vulnerability audit from our experts will identify all vulnerabilities and potential security threats that pose a real or potential risk to your online security.

A vulnerability audit forms part of a cyber security audit. However, it is an important process in locating and identifying where the vulnerabilities are, with the results and insights providing you with the framework to remediate the issues.

A vulnerability audit allows you to:

Protect your data

Now your vulnerabilities and issues are remediated, it doesn’t stop there. You must keep your systems, data and operations continually secured, patched – it’s an on-going job because everyday there will always be new threats appearing on the horizon, whether internally or externally. Regular vulnerability audits help to mitigate your risks and minimise the cyber threats to your business.

Secure your network

Identifying vulnerabilities is one of the most important steps to take to secure your network and upgrade your overall cyber-security. Learnings taken from it will help in preparing for actual crisis scenarios and being ready should the worst happen.

Minimise risks before they occur

Once you’ve identified the vulnerabilities, then it’s time to take action to minimise and secure potential risks before they occur. It will greatly improve your crisis preparedness. Rather like fixing a leaky roof before the rain comes.

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The vulnerability audit process

  1. Sign up for an audit, then our team will contact you beforehand to discuss the process, what you feel comfortable with and to answer any questions you have.
  2. We run the audit which identifies all known or unknown potential issues, pinpointing any security flaws which hackers will try to exploit.
  3. We provide you with a detailed report with recommendations and guidance on a) how to fix issues and b) secure your data.

A FREE no-obligation 30-minute call with our team is available to talk through the report findings and the immediate needed steps to tackle the identified vulnerabilities.

Insights from your audit will also include:

  • Identifies basic set up configuration mistakes, open portals, it pinpoints active and potential vulnerabilities
  • Delivers a roadmap with guidance on how to fix vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations for ongoing vulnerability management and best practices to keep the network secure


A design flaw or misconfiguration which makes your internal network (or a host on your network) susceptible to malicious attacks from local or remote users. Vulnerabilities may exist in several areas of your network, such as in your firewalls, FTP servers, web servers, operating systems, or CGI bins, depending on the level of the security risk the successful exploitation of a vulnerability varies from the disclosure of information about the host to complete compromise of the host.

Potential Vulnerabilities

We go deeper into networks to uncover hidden vulnerabilities or a series of issues that will in time become a vulnerability.

Intelligence Gathered

Visible information about the network related to the host, such as traceroute information, internet service provider (ISP), or a list of reachable hosts. Information gathered about different severity levels also include network mapping data, such as detected firewall, SMTP banners or a list of open TCP services.

Why choose Digital Craftsmen?

Leading cyber security experts

With over 20 years of providing clients with tailored hosting and cyber security solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled expertise and a dedication to continuous improvement to ensure you operate with the very best in a safe and secure online environment.

ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus-verified experts

Our ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest standards of IT and data security as part of our service. As world-class cyber security experts, it is validation of the Craftsmen methodology and ensures peace of mind that your data is secure with us and that we operate with the latest best-practice cyber security standards.

Investors in People

We are dedicated to the training and development of our team to keep up with a rapidly evolving digital landscape and keep up with the latest cyber-crime trends and emerging technology to identify potentially harmful trends, and how to remediate them. It is this commitment to investment in training that has earned us the Investor in People award for over 15 years running.

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