Digital Craftsmen in partnership with leading SOC providers – Armor, Qualys and RocketCyber

Bringing in SOC level of cyber security defences ensures your data is proactively safeguarded in real time, around the clock.

Our SOC partnerships with cyber security SOC providers gives you access to the most accurate, comprehensive vulnerability scanning services available.

Why you should consider SOC level of cyber security defence?

Dedicated teams of SOC cybersecurity analysts and experts work continuously around the clock to monitor your networks, devices, applications and data for known and evolving vulnerabilities, threats and risks.

They provide proactive threat detection, immediate incident or alert response and incident remediation.

And this kind of protection doesn’t have to be a major investment for your business.

Our partnerships mean you can choose the SOC solution that best fits your needs, and your budgets. Our team will help advise which one is the right one for you.

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A Security Operations Centre (SOC) combines two cyber security best practices:

  1. SIEM software and processes (Security Information Event Management)
  2. SOAR teams (Security Orchestration Automation and Response)

It’s a significant investment to set up a SOC internally and too often beyond many business budgets, despite it being a security necessity.

We believe for all businesses it’s essential bring the SOC layers of defence into their online operations against the increasing threat of ransomware attacks.

We’ve made it affordable for SMEs to achieve the best cyber security and by working with carefully selected partners, we’ve made it accessible for all businesses regardless of size or budget.


Third-party experts make it affordable

Our SOC means businesses get the best cyber defence available and demonstrates that business directors comply with their regulatory obligations.


DCL Security Service

We are ISO:27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus-accredited. Trusted to deliver IT management, technologies, processes and customer service across public and private Clouds.


Part One of the SOC Service: - Prepare 


A complete audit of network systems, existing security, vulnerabilities and processes.



Vulnerabilities are identified and systems remediated to build a secure baseline for your organisation.



Industry endorsed IT security and cloud experts on hand to:

a) Fully align the SOC security services within your organisation and for your Cloud  journey

b) Continually optimise to your requirements

c) Support in the development of short and long terms plans to achieve the business objectives


Part Two of the SOC Service: Ongoing Operations

Threat Resistance Team

Collects, enriches and disseminates threat intelligence of attacks


Security Operations

Experts who safeguard your IT systems 24/7/365


Security Engineering

Experts responsible for the configuration and correlation of backend tools to provide enhanced security outcomes for our clients.



Our extended support team brings value and insights to our customers in their environment.


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Compliance experts experienced in securing hosting environments, with the qualifications to comply with all major compliance and security frameworks.


Benefits of working with Digital Craftsmen: 

Affordable security and protection with no compromise to the level of protection, monitoring and response to combat the increased threats of cyberattacks.

Read our Evolution of Cyber Security blog post to discover why bringing in external cyber security specialists provides a strong line of defence for businesses at an affordable price with no compromise on quality and level of service.




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