Digital Agencies

Whatever type of digital agency you are, we can help improve the quality of your managed cloud services – for you and your clients.

Our digital agency services include:

– capacity planning
– disaster recovery planning
– auditing existing hosting
– database optimisation
– seamless scalability

And we’ll do it all from an independent viewpoint, recommending only what’s best for your business, because we’re not tied to technologies or suppliers.

With Digital Craftsmen, you will always be working with an expert team with an in-depth, practical understanding of your system and your business that’s backed with extensive training and experience.

One of the things that sets us apart, is that the systems specialists that design and build our solutions, stay on hand to manage business as usual. They will support you through the lifetime of the relationship.


Case Study: Stickyeyes

Helping a digital marketing company retain a key client

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  • "I like their service. I like their level of proactivity.
    They inform us as soon as they spot an issue,
    and 99 times out of a hundred it’s before we spot it.
    They’re friendly and regularly come to our offices."
    Steve Lee, Operations Director, Stickyeyes


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