November 11


Digital Craftsmen Affirms ‘Human’ Touch with European Trademark

When founding Digital Craftsmen in 2002, MD Simon Wilcox was inspired by reading Peter McBreen’s book Software Craftsmanship, The New Imperative. A book which makes the case for software being created by craftsmen in pursuit of excellence, rather than simply manufactured.

Simon and the team at Digital Craftsmen have taken this approach on-board for the last 13 years; helping companies across all sectors deliver high-performing websites, protect data, comply with regulation and grow.

To celebrate 13 great years in business, and underline our bespoke and ‘human-led’ approach to business critical hosting, we have trademarked the name Digital Craftsmen for use throughout Europe.


Simon Wilcox said:

“We’ve built this business through ideas and creativity.”

“Trademarking ‘Digital Craftsmen’ confirms our commitment to our founding values. It also sends out a strong signal to current and future clients. You are buying us for our hands-on, tailored and problem-solving approach. We are not a production line; we are craftsmen creating elegant, bespoke solutions.”

Over the last 13 years we have developed a particular expertise in professional services, retail and e-learning, counting 1st Central Insurance, ecommerce provider Elastic Path and the Education and Training Foundation among our clients.

Registering Digital Craftsmen means that our business is the only IT-related company that will be able to trade under the Digital Craftsmen name across Europe.

“It’s about protecting our rights as we expand”, added Simon. “Our strapline is ‘hosting made human’. As we grow, our human approach will become an even bigger differentiator.”

For more information contact: Simon Stewart, Digital Craftsmen’s Client Services Director; T 07800 666 468; E [email protected]


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