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Case Study: Park Leisure

How Digital Craftsmen helped Park Leisure gain confidence that their IT infrastructure is secure and fit for purpose

About Park Leisure

Park Leisure offer 5-star, award winning holiday parks, first class service and luxury holiday homes for every budget.

The Challenge

With GDPR on the horizon, Park Leisure wanted to be confident their IT systems, provided by an outsourced IT supplier and various Software as a Service products, are secure and fit for purpose.

As Olly Gardner, Director of Communications and Customer Relations at Park Leisure, explains:

“I wanted to do a full audit to check we’re fully compliant from an IT security perspective. I wanted to audit our IT suppliers to check we’re getting value for money and receiving the services they said we were getting. I also wanted recommendations for the future, and how we can enhance our IT offering in the company.”

The Approach

Digital Craftsmen was commissioned by Park Leisure to audit their current IT provision, with particular emphasis on data security and risk management for the business. Our approach was to come into the business, listen and understand what was important to the Park Leisure team. As Olly describes:

“In terms of working with Digital Craftsmen, I found they listened to the brief well. Quite often, people come in and think they know what you want, but Digital Craftsmen actually did listen to what I wanted. What they delivered was even more than that”.

The audit sought to establish the current state of Park Leisure’s IT infrastructure (servers, operating systems, communications networks, etc.) and application software, taking into account the historical development of both, and looking forward in the short to medium-term.

With GDPR around the corner, we also advised on improvements with recommendations Park Leisure could make to prepare for the incoming legislation.

Our skills and experience came through in the audit, as we were able to bring insight and a high level of understanding of the issues faced, which led to a comprehensive report helping to make the path forward clearer for Park Leisure in how they planned for the future.

The Results

We recommended a cloud migration roadmap for Park Leisure to follow, which will enable them to drive down cost, improve security and provide efficient disaster recovery.

Olly and his team at Park Leisure have taken on the recommendations, and with our on-going consultancy ensuring they understand the rationale behind each of the recommendations:

“Because of the way Digital Craftsmen approached the audit, our IT team has already bought into the recommendations. It has cemented the importance of IT infrastructure in our business, which didn’t have a high priority before the audit”.

By working closely with the Park Leisure team, listening and understanding their issues, our team were able to deliver above expectations.

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