April 2


Digital Craftsmen secures ‘world-class’ security standard

London-based bespoke hosting company Digital Craftsmen has secured coveted international security accreditation ISO 27001.

The accreditation — developed by ISO, the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards — proves that the hosting company is managing its systems to safeguard its client data at the highest level, using ‘world-class specifications’ for its information security management systems.

ISO 27001 is expected to open doors for Digital Craftsmen, with several current and prospective clients insisting on advanced security certification.

“With the current focus on digital security, using a hosting partner with this accreditation is now essential,” commented Digital Craftsmen MD Simon Wilcox.

Man_key“Whether you are an ecommerce provider processing millions of financial transactions a week, or a professional services firm storing personal information, it’s crucial that you are using a hosting firm that you can trust, and that can properly protect your data.”

ISO 27001 is not mandatory in the hosting industry but is increasingly being written into contracts between large companies and their hosting providers. The standard proves that an accredited firm is ‘implementing, maintaining and continuously improving’ its information management security systems, says ISO.

Leading retailers and financial services firms are particularly in favour of the standard, and all other major sectors are expected to follow suit over the next few years.

Many large agencies are also insisting on accreditation, choosing to work with certified hosting providers only.

“This says to all our existing and future clients: Your data is safe with us,” added Simon.

“Achieving the standard is largely about codifying what we already do. It demonstrates that we have a methodical approach to managing risk. When we make changes to our systems we consider the information security risks at every stage. There’s a consistent series of properly documented steps. It’s powerful proof of the way we already work.”


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