May 28

Cutting through the Complexity of Cloud followed by Axe Throwing



Brunswick House

30 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 2LG

London, England, GB, SW8 2LG

Cutting through the Complexity of Cloud Security followed by an Axe Throwing masterclass.
Hosted by Cloud Specialists – Digital Craftsmen

Are you a CTO with an axe to grind? Then join us for an afternoon of Cloud and axe throwing.


  • 16:30 – Avengers Assemble
  • 17:00 – Lightning Talks
  • 18:00 – Axe Throwing
  • 20:00– Pub


Doors Locked, Windows Open – Michel Drescher – CTO, CloudStrato

What is the total picture of cloud security? Is it the perimeter, the network and the people? Is it the ports we leave open for convenience? Let’s take a look at some common vulnerabilities.

Once More Unto The Breach – Paul Orrock – Technical Director, Digital Craftsmen

The bigger the target, the juicier the reward. Enterprise buyers need to know how to classify data, where to store it and to mitigate the risks of a data breach using more than common sense.

Good governance in the Cloud, FT shares best practiceJermila Paul Dhas, Senior Engineer at

As the cloud continues to bring multiple benefits for businesses, it’s about setting the right compliant and secured environment for dev opps team to utilise the flexiblity and drive innovation.

The Day After Tomorrow – David Terrar – Deputy Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

The IT security soldiers line up for morning drills. But what about the rest of the company? When was the last time your company ran a data breach fire drill? Would they know what to do?


Tickets cost £21.91 which goes to the charity Mind (a cause we care about because good mental health and support is pretty much the foundation for happiness).

Why should you attend?

You need to get out of the walled garden for an evening. To learn, you need to be in an environment where you aren’t hassled by pushy sales people. The point of these events is to elevate our collective knowledge on topics that drive change within our respective organisations and to build reference points for a network driven by peer engagement, subject experts who don’t waffle to provide a sounding board for when the complexity is unmanageable, and security keeping you awake at night.


Meet us at 16.30pm at Lassco, Brunswick House, 30 Vauxhall Road, Vauxhall, London SW8 2LG for the lighting talks and presentations. (entrance via the stone steps, not through the restaurant)

Then we’ll head to the: ‘Cutting Through Complexity’ part of the evening @ Whistle Punks, Arch 25, 73 Bondway, Vauxhall – SW8 1SQ.

All you have to do is sign up by registering below. Sign up quick as tickets are going fast.

You’ll receive a ticket and a follow up email confirming your place.

The boring bit:

Only one ticket per person. No alcoholic drinks will be served at Whistle Punks. There are no cash alternatives. We take no responsibility for any harm caused to yourself during the axe throwing (or as a result of you learning interesting tactics in the lightning talks to take back to your board). After the axe throwing, we’ll head to a local pub and provide a first round of libations to you. P.S. You can’t show up for just the axe throwing; you must attend the lightning talks first.


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