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Digital Craftsmen roadmap for a fully secured, streamlined

and optimised business operations




Welcome to Digital Craftsmen

Cloud hosting from verified Cyber security experts providing the level of support and trust needed for businesses today. 

Our mission is to bring the premium level of service corporates expect, tailored for SMEs.

ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials verified, everything we do is to eliminate business pain points with our wide-ranging set of services

  • IT Security, Cloud Sprawl and Vulnerability audit.
  • Tailored infrastructure design and build.
  • Certified cybersecurity systems and always on monitoring.
  • Specialised dedicated cloud hosting services.

The pain points we hear from clients:

  • Not enough time or resources internally to manage cloud 
  • Not enough deep specialist skills internally 
  • Teams overstretched providing existing pandemic support 
  • Business needs to focus on adjusting / developing new business models for the post pandemic world 

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IT can all too easily become unmanageable. Let us help simplify and them migrate your data and apps to the cloud -seamlessly.

Prioritising your business needs: Security, Cost or Performance?

Consultancy to help focus and choose the right cloud hosting and security for your business with our ISO27001 verified experts – our craftsmen work across all the major cloud platforms AWS, Azure, Oracle, GCP, to on-prem and hybrid. This bespoke approach means you get the best solution.

Who are
Digital Craftsmen?

Craftsmen who build tailored technology specially for SMEs that is usually only the reserve of the big budget corporates. A refreshing change from the usual hosting company – call us to find out why.


Learn how we
design, deploy and
manage servers.

Our methodology - assess, optimise, manage & improve - transforms your IT. The craftsmen tailored approach means it’s working around your exact current and future needs.

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When it gets complex, let us make it simple.

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