Managed Cloud Services Providers – The Evolution of Managed Service Providers 

What is a Managed Cloud Services Provider? 

Managed Cloud Services Providers (MCSP) are an evolution from traditional MSPs. The MCSP focus is on people and processes, and core expertise lies around security, governance, cost control and performance optimisation. 

MCSPs offer businesses a highly efficient and economical solution to IT infrastructure management. These days ecosystems are becoming increasingly more complex, and the current pace of change demands constant attention and maintenance from IT teams. With budget limitations, it means IT departments need to do more with fewer resources to cover these extra demands, which leads to even greater stresses across the team.

Our managed cloud services address these issues by offering ‘on-demand IT infrastructure’. Using a pay-as-you-go model provides total flexibility for businesses depending on their needs. This equates to real measurable cost savings, and the ability to continue to optimise on cloud spending whilst ensuring cover for all IT infrastructure and services within the company. It means organisations can plug into scaleable virtual resources.

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage – don’t compete.”

Jack Welch Former CEO of General Electric   

Where it started: Traditional VARs and Resellers

Value-Added Resellers (VAR) develop applications by adding value to existing products, usually for a specific platform and they sell the combination as a unified solution. Usually, these software bundles include applications targeted at specific industries. Many VARs offer other services adding specific value to the niche that they are targeting. Added to this they provide consulting services, implementation and staff training for cloud solution bundles. These VARs are often referred to as ‘solution providers’ and companies fitting these criteria usually form partnerships with their product vendors.

From VAR evolved Managed Services Providers (but they’re not all the same) 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are focused on fulfilling the heavy technology needs demanded by IT management for businesses. The expertise of managed services providers allows their customers to configure their systems for high availability so they’re ready at an instance to respond to the high demands of the market.

With the growth of global high-performance data centres, MSPs provide reliable availability of services, through apps, hardware, and networking solutions.

Customers may be looking to move all of their applications to the cloud in one go, or in phases; depending on their requirements and plans. For MSPs, it means working closely with their clients to meet the evolving needs and demands of their client’s operations.

Cloud Security is Now a Crucial Expertise for MSPs 

An essential competency to look for in MSP’s is their cloud security competency, because upon it rests the reputation of a company; and which will if not properly implemented and maintained by experts have a significant negative and financial impact for businesses. 

How the MCSP Value Proposition offers the next level of MSP Service? 

Or what benefits does a Managed Cloud Services Provider bring to clients? 

For businesses, the challenge is to transform and then continue to evolve their IT infrastructure to meet the ever-growing demands of the new, digital economy in order to remain competitive. 

For example, 35% of businesses are using “managed application services”; and another 36% plan to add managed services in the next two years. The emergence of managed cloud service providers reflects the evolution of IT support as the increasing complexity of IT environments, in which most applications require data integration and applications from numerous sources. By outsourcing to an expert MCSP, businesses benefit from the continual optimisation in technology, having their hosting workload managed for them, which means they can focus their resources towards their strategic business goals

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