June 26


Insurance firm’s success in the cloud

An insurance start-up became a top-ten aggregator player in just six years with the support of cloud hosting from Digital Craftsmen.

1ST CENTRAL’s rapid growth saw monthly quotes rise from 100,000 to more than ten million, and staff numbers increase ten-fold.

This remarkable expansion was explored at TINtech 2014, an insurance industry conference drawing hundreds of leading IT strategists to London in June.

The figures were presented by Dan Roberts, Director of IT, Change and Risk at 1ST CENTRAL during a cloud workshop hosted by Digital Craftsmen.

“We opted for the cloud because we wanted scalable, flexible and resilient hosting,” commented Roberts, who reported that the cloud had enabled the company to rapidly deploy new products and accommodate fast growth.

“Will we continue to do it? Absolutely. Are we happy with our provider? Absolutely.”

Dan Roberts stressed the importance of finding a responsive and flexible partner to manage the cloud: “Ensure you have the right relationship, and the right partner.”

The workshop, hosted by Digital Craftsmen MD Simon Wilcox, saw scores of senior IT strategists discuss the cloud’s potential for their own business, with one declaring: “Outsourcing our hosting to the cloud means our people can focus on innovation and research and development.”

Predictive analytics, telematics and systems transformation were among other topics discussed at TINtech 2014. Speakers included senior managers from Google, Accenture, ACE European Group, Hiscox, RSA, Swiss Re, Xuber, Sapiens and Direct Line.


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