How Does Digital Craftsmen Implement ITIL

The Digital Craftsmen Framework for Successful Systems is built on a combination of People, Technology and Process.  Below is an outline of our wide range of hosting support services which we can implement on to any hosting platform either ours or third parties like AWS , Azure, Google Cloud or other providers.

Incident Management Incidents can be investigated and reported on through a post-incident report. The service desk assigns a category and priority to service requests in accordance with the SLA, providing a measurable and consistent service.
Problem Management Ownership of recurrent incidents to identify and rectify root cause
Threat Management
Access Control
Patch Management Centrally managed patching for all customer sites; Kaseya is used for patch management. We have precise control over which patches are being applied (or not) to servers. We can specify when patches are applied and what actions are associated with them; subsequent ad-hoc reports on environment patch statuses can be produced.
Monitoring and Performance Base metrics such as: disk, memory, CPU, and network utilisation via Opsview. System to raise an alert when metric falls outside certain given parameters. Alert raised within 5 minutes of out of parameter event
Anti Virus We use ESET Antivirus featuring: real time monitoring and live threat detection. Updates are centrally managed and optimised to limit the impact and performance of live services. The virus signature database is updated daily.
Firewall Management Managed firewall services based on a hardened Linux image running IP Tables. Initial access is limited to only web traffic and any changes to firewalls are strictly controlled by your approved authorisers. Clustered HA configured firewalls are also available for near-zero downtime demands.
Solutions Overview Document
Application Deployment Using orchestration technologies to roll out changes in a controlled and versioned procedure
Capacity Management To ensure that standardised methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, in order to minimise the impact of change-related incidents upon service quality
Change Control Conduct known changes with defined procedures following agreed authorisation processes
Continual Improvement Analyse client networks to identify opportunities for improvement
Fully Scoped RunBook
Database Maintenance and Backup
Configuration Management The enforcement of consistency across system components and in delivering changes to your service. VM configurations are managed with Puppet configuration management technology. By default, base configurations of the system including: logging, user management, email, HIDS, system updates and monitoring. This can be customised to cover all aspects of a system. Examples are: webserver and package configurations.
Vulnerability Testing
Cloud Consulting Analyse current business and define a cloud migration strategy. Delivers board-ready actions and insight
Public Cloud Solutions
Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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