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Magento (also known as Adobe Commerce) is one of the most popular open source Ecommerce software available thanks to its highly customisable features and ability to create highly personalised shopping experiences for customers. Its powerful functionality requires ongoing maintenance and smooth migration to retain flexibility and scalability.

It can be difficult to find the right Magento migration specialists for your business or project. Migration needs to be fast, secure, and efficient. From Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, Open Source to Magento Commerce or another platform altogether, our leading Magento migration specialists will help you navigate the migration process with ease and take your Ecommerce store to the next level.

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Your Magento Migration Partner

Our Magento migration services

Security defence

Digital Craftsmen are dedicated to securing your online retail operations against cyber attacks. We take a proactive approach to monitoring, managing and hardening Magento processes and systems to keep your online store resilient, reliable, and running smoothly.

Bespoke solutions

Our Magento migration solutions are tailored to fit your business needs and requirements. For maximum functionality and flexibility to scale up or down securely and efficiently whenever you need it, we’re here to help.

Enhanced performance

Our Magento migration services help your business to operate at peak performance as we optimise your online store for speed, efficiency and security. A smooth performance promotes excellent customer experience, boosting sales and increasing revenue.

Data migration

Reliable and secure data migration and backup is one of the key elements of a successful Magento migration. We use the latest data migration tools to protect your store data for a quick and efficient migration with minimal downtime, offering peace of mind for Magento store owners.

Why choose Digital Craftsmen?

Magento migration experts

We provide specialist Magento hosting and migration services so we understand how to make the most out of such a dynamic and powerful platform and tailor it to suit your online business needs.

ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus-certified

Our ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications ensure that we consistently work at the highest industry security standards to secure your Magento migration and platform. We help online businesses and operations to meet security compliance regulations and avoid any costly security breaches.

Expert support

With a rapid incident response rate and post-migration support, our team is on hand-24/7 to keep you operating efficiently with minimal downtime. Keep mission-critical data and processes secure and running smoothly for ultimate peace of mind.

Investors in People

We are proud to invest in continual training and experience to make sure our Craftsmen are the most skilled in their field. It keeps us agile experts that are able to keep your online business operating with a secure and competitive edge. We have been officially recognised by Investors In People for more than 10 years.