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Case study: Ascensor

About Ascensor

Ascensor is a digital agency based in Leeds, which is fast becoming a creative centre in the UK for digital services. Established in 2007, they work with clients across the board, from Ecommerce businesses to professional services firms.

Ascensor have grown year-on- year since opening for business. They recently acquired another agency to help scale this growth and are now a team of 28 across the business.

The Challenge

Andrew Firth, Owner of Ascensor, describes the challenges they faced:

“There are lots of different levels of website hosting. For Ascensor it is vital that the hosting complements our finished projects, seamlessly. Managing the server side of a website is not something we are equipped for and is a distraction from our core development activities.”

“Many of our clients run Ecommerce businesses and need their websites to be online to make money. Ecommerce clients get upset if their site goes offline even for a few minutes, as they’re losing money. Having a stable uptime website is critical, 24/7.”

Ascensor found its development team was spending too much time focusing on managing servers so they approached Digital Craftsmen to look over their hosting requirements and manage their cloud services to ensure that they had appropriate security in place and could maximise uptime.

This relates to another challenge that Ascensor faced: website security. As Andrew explains:

“There is currently lots of change in tech around website security, a lot of it enforced by the payment card industry, so to ensure that our websites are secure is another challenge.”

The Solution

By providing a managed cloud services package that operated 24/7, Digital Craftsmen freed up the Ascensor development team and helped them refocus on the core business.

As Andrew explains:

“If something goes wrong with a client’s website, then the Digital Craftsmen team know about it before the client does, 24/7. They take a proactive approach to working with us to solve the issue.”

“We have our clients’ reputation to maintain, so it is vital we work with third party suppliers who take the care and attention around their work that we do. Digital Craftsmen’s approach makes us look good and we trust them to ensure our clients are continuously live, they are an asset to any business like ours.”

Digital Craftsmen also provided Ascensor support while they were transitioning from their old servers to the new ones that were recommended, so that the cloud services can be migrated to new providers without any interruption in service.

“They’re very proactive in their approach and support change by not only making it easy as possible to do, but to make sure that you’re also not being stung with extra costs.”

The Impact

Digital Craftsmen’s managed cloud services solution allowed the Ascensor team to concentrate on progressive and profitable digital work, helping to accelerate the growth of the agency.

Andrew explains the impact of partnering with Digital Craftsmen:

“It’s really important for us to have that personal contact with the company. Being able to pick up the phone if we have a client experiencing issues is vital, and something you don’t get with bigger companies. We get the professional service from Digital Craftsmen but we also get the personal attention that businesses want.”

“Digital Craftsmen really are the cloud management experts. They’re constantly monitoring our website activity and will come to us and advise us if the servers are running slow, or we might need to clear some space. Their main interest is in their server that they’re running for their client to be managed efficiently.”

“Where we’ve had incidences where clients have been targeted by an attack, Digital Craftsmen work tirelessly to make sure that they get all affected sites stabilised and back up and running. In each case, the communications process has been absolutely spot on.”

“We would never look anywhere else for our managed cloud services partner. Digital Craftsmen save us a huge amount of time as we’re not managing something we don’t fully understand. They are the experts.”

“At the end of the day, their professionalism and good advice as a trusted partner gives us the confidence that whatever solutions we’re being asked to deliver from a website perspective, we know that the server side of things will not let our solution down.”

“Having our cloud services completely taken care of gives us complete peace of mind. I’d recommend Digital Craftsmen to anyone with is having issues with website security.”

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