Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud Design, Build & Management Services

Microsoft Azure Design, Build and Management Services


Digital Craftsmen design, build and manage systems for our customers on Microsoft Azure, always recommending the most appropriate solution that meets your business requirements.

If you decide host a web application in the Microsoft  Azure cloud, you get the opportunity to explore the resources offered by a leading public cloud provider was exciting. With their deep experience and mature ecosystem, Microsoft handles features like high availability, smart load balancing, and auto-scaling excellently.

There are many benefits that using Microsoft Azure and the public cloud can bring to your business; you may need High Availability systems in geographically diverse datacentres, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to dynamically increase and decrease capacity or just want to lower your costs by taking advantage of aggressive Microsoft Azure pricing.

Whatever your use case or requirements, the Digital Craftsmen team of expert engineers have already solved all of the common Microsoft Azure and public cloud issues across a number of industries, enabling your business to start using Microsoft Azure today.

We know your developers will be using the rapid prototyping methods prescribed by Agile methodology. Our engineers can work closely with your developers to not only rapidly iterate on your infrastructure as required, but, also to recommend the best practices and solutions to ensure your systems are performant as they scale across the public cloud.

We save our customers money using Microsoft Azure

Not only will the Digital Craftsmen team work with you to manage your infrastructure and systems, our engineers will also recommend ways to reduce costs off Microsoft Azure on-demand prices (server costs).

As a trusted advisor, our ongoing service will regularly review, recommend and action changes to your Microsoft Azure setup to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

Digital Craftsmen have also developed tools to orchestrate power management of hosts, make instance provisioning and configuration simple, automate your backups and centralise logging in an instant, with Microsoft Azure systems solution your team can use immediately.  

Selecting the correct solution for your business system – or its component parts-  is critical. Our Microsoft Azure cloud experts will always recommend the best options for your business, regardless of which ‘cloud’.

We are cloud agnostic for a reason, it enables Digital Craftsmen to deliver the most suitable and cost effective cloud services for your business.

Microsoft Azure Services, Implementation and Optimisation

The public cloud is about speed of provisioning and delivery of highly scalable systems.

Digital Craftsmen use the latest technologies to enable you to take advantage of all that Microsoft Azure have to offer:

  • Infrastructure-as-Code – To quickly and consistently build environments on demand
  • Configuration Management – Of Instances using Puppet and encrypted Hiera
  • Version Control – Of your infrastructure and instance configurations
  • Automation & Orchestration of your instances – Foreman and Remote Execution
  • Developer tools & Provisioning Templates – enhancing productivity
  • Auto-Scaling for peaks in demand- using automation to ensure instance consistency
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Access Control, User & Data Security, Audit & Log Management
  • Continuous Solution Design, Change Management and Migration Services are also available.


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