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Identify potential vulnerabilities and validate the security defences protecting your data with independent penetration testing from Digital Craftsman.

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What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing (otherwise known as a pen test) is a simulated cyber attack against your organisation’s computer systems to check for any vulnerabilities that potential hackers would try to gain access through.

The vulnerabilities that penetration testers search for may exist in operating systems, both front and back-end servers, irregular configurations or problematic end-user behaviour.

A pen test is also useful in determining how effective the defensive mechanisms are and how they might respond, as well as evaluating how effectively your workforce follows internal security protocols.

Why is this an important test for organisations?

Pen tests help everyone learn important lessons about security in a carefully managed environment. Like a fire drill, it helps to evaluate what’s working, what needs improving and confirms whether security policies are genuinely effective. These insights offer a way for businesses to learn lessons before hackers find ways to exploit vulnerabilities and hold organisations to ransom.

Pen testing often leads to updated security policies that create a more effective deterrent against intruders.

Advantages of pen tests over vulnerability scanning

Pen testing is effective alongside vulnerability scanning when used as an overall review of a business’s cyber security defences. Vulnerability scanning is usually automated to produce reports at regular intervals. Pen testing is a way to examine your network security on a deeper, more detailed level, reviewing every element in the same way a cyber criminal would find the possibility of compromise. By locking down all potential security flaws, you have taken another step towards securing your organisation against cyber attack.

Why use Digital Craftsman for pen testing?

Digital Craftsmen has more than 20 years of experience in providing tailored hosting and IT security solutions to businesses across the UK, working with FinTech, InsurTech, Educational Organisations, Retail, Public Sector, Transport and more. We work closely with our clients to build trusted partnerships, guiding them through the essential steps to keep their people, data, and networks secure.

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Different types of pen testing

Network Pen Testing

The most common method of pen testing, a pen tester conducts internal and external network exploitation, allowing them to emulate the actions of a successful hacker who’s been able to penetrate external network defences.

Website and wireless network pen testing

Devices and infrastructure within the wireless network are tested for vulnerabilities. Wireless encryption protocols, wireless network traffic, unauthorised access points and hotspots are all potential areas that hackers can exploit.

Physical pen testing

This includes physical elements of your business that criminals could look to exploit. Though not typically associated with pen testing, lock picking, personnel impersonation and motion sensors are all evaluated through physical pen testing.

Social engineering tests

Social engineering testing evaluates how informed and savvy your employees are on cyber security threats. Phishing attacks, handling of sensitive documents, and how information is shared and stored internally are reviewed. This is an area that has become a growing threat for businesses because 95% of cyber-attacks are caused by human error.

Cloud pen testing

Public cloud services have become increasingly popular for networking and storage. VMs and unpatched operating systems, SSH and RDP remote administration, poorly used firewalls and passwords are all areas that will be tested with Cloud pen tests. Locking down any vulnerabilities here is another step towards securing your data.