Digital Agencies

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Digital Agencies

Safeguarding your business-critical accounts

Every agency has hosting in place and most of the time it’s fine. But do you trust it – and we mean really trust it – with your most precious clients and projects, the ones where a security breach or a server crash would seriously damage reputations and potentially kill your business?

We are the craftsmen of digital security. Giving you the ultimate in safety from security breaches. Allowing you to realise the potential of your clients’ brands, and your own.

Talk to us when:
• You’re keeping sensitive data and any breach will lose you both it and your client;
• There’s potential for denial-of-service level traffic;
• The client demands a step up from your current provisions.
• You’re simply nervous you might not have the support you need.

You know your responsibility isn’t just to build sites, it’s to make them impenetrable against any security breach. You don’t need to use us for everything, but when you have a mission-critical project that you really need to keep safe, secure and spike-free, it’s not a choice between your existing supplier OR us – it’s AND us.

Protect the reputation of the brands in your care
We’re long-term partners with many agencies, offering made-to-measure managed technology services and hosting for the financial, education, construction and government sectors, among others. Our personal, dedicated approach could be why, in over 15 years’, we’ve never lost a client on price or performance. Trust is everything.

And, with our fully compliant system in place, the care you offer one brand can be extended to many others. A great proposition for winning more business, while you save money and bring your own ambition ever closer.

We have been reliably steering businesses through fail-safe security for over 15 years.
Carefully delivering solutions right for you and your projects across our own IaaS platform, AWS, Azure, G-Cloud and other IaaS platforms as well as working with client in-house systems.
Our superior contribution to digital services is recognised with ISO 27001 and Investors in People accreditation.

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Case Study: Stickyeyes

Helping a digital marketing company retain a key client

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