Insurance and Finance

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Insurance and Finance

Future-proofing ‘The Fintech Revolution’

We’re all aware that we are in the middle of a second revolution in financial services. Consumers have opened their minds and wallets to new ways of dealing with finance. They want to manage their affairs on their terms; on their phone, in an app, right now.

At the cutting edge of financial services we know you need systems that:
· Put speed, security and reliability at a premium
· Comply with all regulations and can be updated to meet new ones quickly and easily
· Are flexible enough to adapt to evolving client demands and to scale as your business flourishes and grows.
· Enable cross-business, secure intelligence and data sharing to create competitive advantage

The market is wide open for companies using new technology to put the customer experience first. But with your eyes on that prize, how do you make sure your infrastructure can grow as fast as your opportunities?

Find your perfect foundation for Fintech.

As Digital Craftsmen, we take pride in creating fail-safe, hand-built technology services in the cloud.

We’re long-term partners with many growing enterprises, offering made-to-measure technology services and hosting for the financial, education, construction and government sectors, among others. Our personal, dedicated approach could be why we’ve never lost a client on price or performance in over 15 years. With your business protected, you can focus on achieving your potential.

We have been reliably steering businesses through fail-safe security for over 15 years.
Carefully delivering solutions right for you and your projects across our own IaaS platform, AWS, Azure, G-Cloud and other IaaS platforms as well as working with client in-house systems.
Our superior contribution to digital services is recognised with ISO 27001 and Investors in People accreditation.

Secure your ambition. Contact a digital craftsmen. | @DCHQ | 020 3745 7706

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1st Central



Case Study: 1st Central Insurance

Building a hosting solution in just eight weeks

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Public cloud



Reducing Risk Through Managed Hosting – a guide for financial services firms

As agility becomes ever more critical for business performance, managed hosting offers a highly effective way to cut costs, improve competitiveness and better exploit market opportunities.

However, the emerging digital risks that come with the increased speed, variety and volume of data mean that financial services firms must take care.

This whitepaper examines the four main areas of risk to your business.

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