The insurance industry

The insurance industry is undergoing a digital transformation fuelled by The Internet of Things (IoT) and the data made available by the billions of interconnected devices. It gives insurers valuable, real-time, insight into customer and usage behaviour, creating greater levels of granularity in risk models, and shifting insurers towards greater personalisation of its insurance services.

“IoT is having a huge disruptive effect on the insurance industry and is transforming the insurance business model.”

McKinsey Report

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Our support for insurance businesses

At the heart of the insurance industry’s digital business transformation is the ability to reliably and securely aggregate, send, receive, and manage huge amounts of real-time data – among people, devices, and systems.

This is where the experience and skills of our teams provide valuable support for insurance businesses. From aggregating data from multiple connected devices to managing, prioritising and ensuring data is easily and quickly accessible on cloud or hybrid hosting whist securing them against ransomware attacks. We’ve over 15 years’ experience and trust working with insurance clients, and have supported them every step of the their journey.

The flood of external data is transforming not only the way insurers evaluate and price risk, but also the way they interact with customers, transact business, and design products and services.

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