Utilities in the UK and around the globe are embracing the cloud, placing mission-critical applications and core business process in data centres, and being supported by cloud specialists.

Key benefits for utilities companies to migrate to the cloud include:

  1. Cost pressure, the drive to improve a company’s quality of service, and reduce the company’s infrastructure footprint through platform consolidation.
  2. Customer relationship management, billing, supplier relationships management and people management.
  3. Increase agility and dynamic scalability which ultimately improve the time-to-market for innovation.
  4. Secure arguably your most significant asset – data – against malicious cyber-attack, loss or industrial espionage.

Digital Craftsmen are helping utilities companies like yours achieve these benefits now.

Our team of highly qualified, skilled and dedicated engineers are experts in migrating systems and data to the cloud – and in optimising cloud technology to deliver real business benefits.

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