IT Security Audit

A deep application security scan that identifies vulnerabilities, malware and security risks to your business.

How it works

  • Provide your consent form, asset groups and a list of IP’s or apps you wish us to scan.
  • Digital craftsmen will analyse your report and categorise your threats by severity level
  • Working with your team, we can take immediate action to fix IT security flaws

Learn more about how to keep your business secure:

This FREE guide will help to explain some common vulnerabilities, how you can identify and mitigate them, some best practices for securing your IT systems and how you can better protect your company.

FREE Information security awareness guide

What our report includes :

  • Vulnerabilities – A design flaw or mis-configuration which makes your network (or a host on your network) susceptible to malicious attacks from a local or remote users. Vulnerabilities can exist in several areas of your network, such as in your firewalls, FTP servers, Web Servers, Operating Systems or CGI bins. depending on the level of the security risk the successful exploitation of a vulnerability can vary from the disclosure of information about the host to a complete compromise of the host.
  • Potential Vulnerabilities – Ones which we cannot confirm exists. The only way to verify the existence of such vulnerabilities on your network would be to perform on intrusive scan, which could result in denial of service
  • Information gathered – includes, visible information about the network related to the host, such as trace route information, Internet Service Provider (ISP), or a list of reachable hosts. Information gathered severity levels also include Network Mapping Data, such as detected firewall, SMTP banners, or a list of open TCP services.

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