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Let us help to manage your Oracle cloud investment

Choosing craftsmen as your Oracle cloud partner

Buying Oracle space is straightforward enough, it’s how you make it work well which counts. That’s what we are experts in doing for SMEs. 

Simply put, we tailor it to work for you at its very best delivering the high-end performance, cost efficiency and cost savings you expect.

Why choose Digital Craftsmen as your Oracle cloud partner?

  • Security and compliance built-in
  • 100% uptime - 24/7 -365
  • Reduce your operating costs

On demand cloud expertise, governance & management

Our team of skilled craftsmen work with you, selecting the right technology for your business systems - and its component parts.

DevOPs & SecOPs

Streamline Migration, Delivery and Management into the Cloud with:

  1. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  2. Configuration Management
  3. Version Control
  4. ITIL Accredited Support Team
  5. Optional Security Operations Centre
  6. Optional Vulnerability Scanning

Resilient, Secure & Repeatable Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions.

Cost Efficiency

It starts with a FREE cloud sprawl audit to identify the immediate cost savings and continues as we’ll always come to you with recommendations on how to further reduce costs and optimise your cloud hosting.

Eliminate your pain-points:

Hidden cloud costs, but where?

Streamline and rationalise what you need, switch off what you don’t need

No loss of data or drop in availability

Cloud Agnostic

Our highly trained and dedicated cloud agnostic specialists take time to know and understand your business needs. This means they offer the best advice and guidance on the different cloud products and services including the newly released ones; and how to tailor them to your specific requirements.

With Digital Craftsmen as your cloud hosting experts, you're getting the best out of the cloud, everytime.

Hybrid and multi-cloud ready

Agnostic to public cloud providers, we manage IaaS across providers, including our own.

Specialist for Enterprise Legacy Applications

Many legacy enterprise applications remain relevant and mission critical for our clients who continue to rely on them. We know this and that’s why our specialist managed services team provides support for Enterprise Legacy Applications. 

Eliminate your pain-points:
Lack of internal resources for 24/7 - 365 cover
Reliant on legacy enterprise applications to be secured
Upgrading internal skills takes time, craftsmen available when you need them

Oracle Cloud Managed Services

"Digital Craftsmen were far and away head and shoulders over the other providers that we considered. They are taking away the pain by handling the managed services for me. During the selection process, a number of larger players fell by the wayside, while the smaller players wanted to host in their own environment."

CTO Elastic Path

Oracle Cloud Managed Services


Cloud not delivering business value?
Planning to modernise ageing infrastructure?

Disappointing Performance ?
Costs skyrocketing?

Craftsmen review your existing infrastructure against your business needs using industry best practices in software architecture, engineering and operations and provide list of recommendations


You know WHY your cloud doesn’t deliver as expected
and HOW to improve it with our recommendations
But you don’t know WHAT to do to implement them

Using the best of software tailored for the business requirements, the craftsmen deliver elegantly engineered and simple solutions. Cloud apps and infrastructure fully optimised to guarantee the best possible business value. 


Refocus your focus on delivering business value today, not managing infrastructure Plan for business growth

With round the clock monitoring, patching, updating, your business systems are in safe hands with a team who will react proactively to any incident, issue or concern.  

Monthly and quarterly reviews part of the service to continually optimise and provide the extra layer of excellence from the craftsmen. 

Tiered Oracle Managed Services

Certified Oracle Security Practices

ISO 27001 & UK Cyber Essentials certified

Cybersecurity and cloud security are not just buzzwords for us.
We live and breathe proactive security and data protection.

ITIL Aligned

We operate and service cloud solutions to industry standard best practices, ensuring seamless integration with customer technical teams and their procedures. Our Investors In People Accreditation reinforces Digital Craftsmen’s commitment on-going training to ensure our experts are certified to the highest business and cybersecurity industry standards including full alignment with ITIL best business practices.

Cloud Control Checklist

Your Free Digital Craftsmen Top 5 Checklist

Check your current set up against this simple checklist - download for free now

  • Terminate and dispose unused assets
  • Optimise active assets
  • Schedule workloads
  • Optimise your pricing tariffs
  • Monitor, automate, adapt

Free Download of our Cloud Control Checklist