Your Virtual Desktop Partner

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
& Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Business Requirements and Integration

Digital Craftsmen provide Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) services for clients using the Azure and AWS platform. Each of the Public Cloud solutions has their own distinct advantages and unique ways to integrate services within your organisation and as craftsmen we bring a tailored approach for them both.

The correct solution may depend on your current systems, future business requirements or existing roadmaps for cloud adoption.

  • Azure - Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • AWS - WorkSpaces Desktop-as-a-Service

For clients with restrictive data sovereignty or compliance requirements, Digital Craftsmen also offer VDI and enhanced networking solutions on the Digital Craftsmen London based Multi-Site VMWare Cloud.

Speak to a craftsmen to find our services and which would be the best fit for your organisation’s requirements.

VDI & DaaS Benefits

- Remote Access – Users can access their desktop from most devices anywhere in the world, to enable users access to all of their files and applications remotely. Access can be centrally controlled and secured with Multi-Factor Authentication.

- Cost Savings – Office space is expensive and remote workers typically do not have secure and performant devices. VDI enables users to work from any location and from underpowered or untrusted devices in a secure manner.

- Integration into existing IAM systems – If you are already using a Directory Service which supports SAML 2.0 or SSO (e.g. Active Directory) – VDI and DaaS services can be integrated directly into your existing IT systems and infrastructure.

- Compliance and Security – BYOD can become a security issue quickly, VDI and DaaS allow for central management and enforcement of organisation and regulatory policies.

- Centralised Management - Backups, OS Updates, security software, applications and new configurations can be orchestrated across the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure which reduces administrative overheads.

The Digital Craftsmen Solution

All Digital Craftsmen VDI and DaaS solutions are provided with the following minimum specifications, if you have different requirements simply speak to the craftsmen and see how they can help.

  • Digital Craftsmen ITIL Accredited Support Team to assist your organisation and staff
  • 3 Levels of support to suit your budget and requirements - up to 24/7 support
  • Identity and Access Management with MFA
  • Private Networking, Cross Region Connectivity & Static Public IP Addressing
  • Management of Access, Security and Budget control
  • Integration into existing SAML 2.0 Federated & SSO IAM systems including Azure AD
  • Managed Anti-Virus across the VDI\DaaS estate
  • Integrated Threat Management & Ransomware Protection