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Digital Transformation Report

Looking to transform your operation? We're long term partners with many evolving enterprises, offering made-to-measure, managed technology services and hosting for the financial, education, construction and government sectors, among others.

Digital Transformation should be about liberation...

...freeing up your teams to be able to work from anywhere and take inspiration from big data. It should be about leveraging the best qualities of technology to increase customer engagement, make transactions easier and build a future business. However, with an 83% likelihood of a security breach occurring*, and tightening legislation across most sectors, it’s vital to have a fully compliant system in place - a secure springboard to future success.

Customers across all sectors have opened their minds and wallets to new ways of interacting.
• They want to manage transactions on their terms; on their phone, in an app, right now.
• They put speed, security and reliability at a premium
• You need to comply with all regulations and quickly and easily meet new ones
• Systems should be flexible enough to adapt to evolving client demands and to scale as your business flourishes and grows.
• …and your teams should benefit from cross-business, secure intelligence and data sharing to create competitive advantage

The market is wide open for companies using new technology to put the customer experience first. But with your eyes on that prize, how do you make sure your infrastructure can grow as fast as your opportunities?
Increasingly the secure use of data is everyday business. The successful use of information that opens up your opportunities. Digital Craftsmen safeguard your business and its reputation with ISO 27001 accredited hosting and supreme managed technology services delivered with the kind of support that enables you to conquer the toughest of challenges.

With your business protected, you can focus on achieving your potential.

To start a successful digital transformation journey call a craftsman for a no obligations chat on (020) 3745 7706.

*2016 study figures


Digital Transformation. Before you depart on the journey...

You could start by choosing from three tiers of supreme Managed Technology Services from Digital Craftsmen. These are designed to protect your business, make systems compliant and more efficient with each tier offered at a fixed price or fully customisable to your exact needs. The perfect place to start for any transformation journey. Explore our services right now.

Here are just a few other things you should remember for your digital transformation journey too:

Plan how to recover from a disaster
• Review your own Disaster Recovery plan. Make sure that the time to recover is less than the loss of revenue and if it isn’t then adjust the plan.
• If you use a cloud – make sure you have assurances from your service provider that the data centre in which they store your data is safe.

Don’t take chances with security patches
• Ensure you have a rapid escalation and deployment method either internally or at your Service provider to make sure that when a security flaw is found and a patch for it acquired it can be immediately applied.

A future business needs to plan for the future
• Expose and improve a three year technology plan.

When you have all your plans for in place for this year, what provisions have you made for the next year, and the one after that? Are they matched to predicted service delivery across all devices for internal operations and external customer services? As Digital Craftsmen, we take pride in failsafe, made-to-measure, secure systems in the cloud shaped to fit your future plans. We like to think that our personal, dedicated approach could be why, in over 15 years’, we’ve never lost a client on price or performance. With monitoring that never sleeps, service that goes above and beyond and experience that can support your growth its best to contact a craftsman, whatever digital transformation you are embarking on.