Cloud Automation

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Cloud Automation

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Cloud automation and configuration management means controlling the setup, configuration and management of cloud services. Automation is vital for any dynamic system or one which needs to respond to change or self-heal.

Cloud automation helps you quickly build and configure systems that are consistent and repeatable — leading to immutable architecture and all of the advantages that delivers; stability, preventing configuration drift, advanced deployment methods, zero downtime deployments, consistent environments alongside efficient and effective Disaster Recovery options.

With cloud automation and configuration management, you can rapidly move from physical infrastructure to deploying secure production environments in the cloud with leading cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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Cloud Automation: The Beginner’s Guide

Learn how Cloud Automation – controlling the setup, configuration and management of cloud services – can help your business reduce costs, improve security and reduce risk.


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Digital Craftsmen offer the following Cloud Automation services

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cloud automation implementation

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Core Implementation

Automation is a core piece of the managed  cloud services that Digital Craftsmen offer and we believe Automation is essential for managing cloud services. If you’re moving to the cloud, we can look at how you’re managing your cloud infrastructure and discuss how configuration management can improve your business practices.

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cloud automation scheduling

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Virtual Machine Scheduling

What if you could turn your AWS systems on and off on a schedule?  In a development environment, you could have machines used by developers during the working day, but then turn them off in the evening and weekends. This automation process could save over 60% of costs through virtual machine scheduling.

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cloud automation optimisation

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Optimisation and Improvement

If you have an established cloud infrastructure, Digital Craftsmen can help you improve the configuration you have deployed, including rolling out automation configuration management, matching of machines, and really getting control over your machines. Companies can save approximately 60% of their usual running costs for AWS through configuration management.

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Speak to the Cloud Automation experts

Digital Craftsmen can offer strategic automation design for your current cloud services set up. We can help you plan an automation strategy and – if you have no automation today – we can help you implement automation throughout your organisation.

If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, Digital Craftsmen can look at ways of implementing automation with your current infrastructure provider. And if you’re looking for a new provider, we can provide automation as part of our managed cloud services offering.

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