Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud Design, Build & Management Services

Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud Design, Build and Management Services

Microsoft Azure Design, Build and Management Services


Microsoft Azure is a collection of cloud services that give developers the freedom to build, deploy and manage applications across their formidable global network of managed datacentres. If it’s the most appropriate solution for you, Digital Craftsmen can design, build and manage systems on Microsoft Azure.

If you decide host a web application in the Microsoft  Azure cloud, you get the opportunity to explore the resources offered by a leading public cloud provider. With their deep experience and mature ecosystem, Microsoft handles features like high availability, smart load balancing, and auto-scaling with ease.

There are many benefits that using Microsoft Azure and the public cloud can bring to your business; you may need High Availability systems in geographically diverse datacentres, Azure Load Balancing (ALB) to dynamically increase and decrease capacity, or just want to lower your costs by taking advantage of aggressive Microsoft Azure pricing.

Whatever your requirements, the Digital Craftsmen team of expert engineers have already encountered and dealt with all of the common public cloud issues across a number of industries, enabling your business to start using Microsoft Azure effortlessly today.

Whether your developers are using Agile methodology to create a cloud native application or are looking to move a legacy application to the cloud for DR or performance reasons, our engineers can work closely with your developers to not only rapidly iterate on your infrastructure as required, but, also to recommend the best practices and solutions to ensure your systems are performing efficiently as they scale across the public cloud.

We save our customers money using Microsoft Azure

Not only will the Digital Craftsmen team work with you to manage your infrastructure and systems, our engineers will also recommend ways to reduce costs off Microsoft Azure on-demand prices (server costs).  Our ongoing service involves regularly reviewing, recommending and actioning changes to your Microsoft Azure setup to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

Digital Craftsmen have also developed tools to orchestrate power management of hosts, make instance provisioning and configuration simple, automate your backups and centralise logging in an instant, with Microsoft Azure systems solutions your team can use immediately.