Certified Cyber Security Experts and Trusted Partners

Digital Craftsmen is fully ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Certified across all our systems, processes, practices and our teams

Our latest ISO 27001 was awarded for 'Excellence of Cyber Security in Remote Working'

- Certified to secure infrastructure, applications and data 

- Trusted to prevent malicious activity, ransomware and attacks, either on local network or across all cloud

- Always on monitoring and rapid response to any incident from cyber security experts

Benefits of a fully certified ISO 27001 & Cyber Essentials partner:

- ISO 27001 is the globally recognised cyber security standard for Information Security Management (ISM)

- Cyber Essentials is the UK’s recognised IT cyber security standard from the NCSC

- Demonstrates compliance and certification as recognised external standards for management to prove company due diligence 

- Demonstrates a business’s clear commitment to ISM for third party suppliers and different stakeholders

- Certified standard for fulfilment in commercial and legal responsibilities

- Offers a significant competitive advantage for businesses to trade with companies in regulated sectors

- Trusted operational framework between organisations or groups 

- Saves time, money, resources as costly operational disruptions reduced 

- Continually updated best practice in cyber security 

Digital Craftsmen is a trusted IT partner with nearly 20 years experience of specialising in the threats and security issues faced by small and medium-sized businesses.

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Ensure Integrity 

When moving to a cloud solution, organisations have less direct control over their new environment and need to ensure their data is recoverable, usable and secure. Digital Craftsmen provide reliable and secure security solutions to protect cloud-based environments.

Data Secure Services

As businesses access IT networks and critical data have become easier and more complex so do the potential threats, issues and risks. It takes expert knowledge to understand how these systems link together and the potential threats that come with them as a passive security solution alone may not be effective.  With businesses providing better access for employees (to work remotely, for example), it also increases the need for more sophisticated security solutions, systems and policies.

Our in-depth expertise means we understand the evolving nature of such threats, and – just as importantly – we understand how best to protect clients from new threats as they arise.

Peace of Mind

- With Digital Craftsmen as your IT security partner, you know you’re in safe, trusted and experienced hands. 

- Our training in our craftsmen means their skills and expertise are always up to date and are ready to deal with the latest threats.

- This commitment is in our training programmes for our craftsmen has won us Investors In People award for the last eight years. 

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